we now become inciters

h. yƩpez says
i can tell
you are up to something here
holding one of our poems up

in his hand
and even if we weren’t up to something
we now become
the opposite of whittled down and disapproved

i remember someone talking about their work in
film restoration
how the adhesive that held the image to the film itself is what broke down
and the only way to press that image back onto the film
(or was it the only way to lift it?)
was to bake it
in the oven
at a certain
very specific

i’ve recently discovered my undying love for veggies
yellowtights says while pedaling past me

table perched in outdoor sunpatch
at the old student union

wen ling and i
build a box within a box
matchstick paths
there is a figure
and there is me
we extract the disney from a 7minute cartoon
throw it up double projected
a kind of cyclical double mirror circuit

a pot of favas
cooked kaya style
plus tom kha soup
family dinner we gather in the cramped bike parking lot/living room
unraveling the horrors of lazor hair removal
at some point
it must be said:
i stopped shaving in 96!
instantly it is a mantra
a tshirt
a bumper sticker

purple-white lightning
you tell me
veining down
from florida sky