gone streetsoft

1. saving a seat for you
over the wheelwell
on the partybus
riding through palmtreed canyons
and sunspilled sidewalks

2. gone streetsoft
on clyde the bike
after a weekend away

3. preparing
with kava
and read-alouds
for one last round
on the chopping block
singing freedom
in the background

4. i might be naive
but i wear fine shoes

5. it isn’t until i say it on the phone
this place is deadening
do i realize
how deeply true
it is
but i can say it
knowing well
portland infusion part two

6. extending
the waterfetch walk
by a few blocks
under a black ice sky
star sparks shining through

7. sound
of space heater
on medium #5

8. chestbruise

twin chestplates

1. communique from thunder cove:
we are on our feet here
we are stomping our feet and
clapping our hands and
hooting and hollering your

2. details
tossed on your porch
like the morning paper
wrapped in
or clear

3. you
put on healing music from zimbabwe
are tea and wool and winter sun

4. out of all the bins of fabric
the cotton prints
are the ones i want to look through myself
by piece
between fingers
and thumb

5. sun
passing through  pages of
3000 years of black poetry
turning white paper
to gold
backwards layers of print
through the page

6. nothing
makes me want to yell
several times
in succession
than riding my bike
in san diego

7. twin chestplates
over statelines
in a case of teeth vs. skin
teeth win

8. red canvas bag
tossed over living room ikea light
with ukelele
sings about librarians
sea lions
it is the song
about the spaceship
the thing
about longing
for home
is that
it is a place
we can no longer
return to

9. kate’s candle
on its last millimeters
of thin wick

in the dream, a poet writes a breakup letter

1. in the dream
a poet writes a breakup letter
addressed to me
in my office
several others feel similarly
so we must hold a meeting
which eventually
due to someone’s unexpected and loud music
becomes a dance party
until the RA’s come by
to shut it down

2. for breakfast
two cuties
a small wedge of leftover cornbread
several stolen sips
of your coffee with cream

3. deepvoice
readingthe rainbow goblins
while your body
radiates heat
as if it were concrete
after the sun has sunk

4. between the options of
a hike
through kelley point park
where the waters of the columbia
and the willamette meet
planting souvenirs
under each others skin
we choose
the latter

5. a last supper of sorts
served on mismatched fiesta ware
three plates of pad see ew
(one with tofu
one with chicken
and one with broccoli, carrots and mushrooms)
as disciples

6. doing the monkee walk
past one of the twelve thai restaurants
on alberta street
you in your stetson hat
me in my bigshouldered blazer
hot tea
in a papercup
my hand

7. the sound
of rubyjewel pomegranite seeds
shaken against the glass and metal
of a baby food jar
in the front seat
of a truck
whose name
is orick

8. ipod musicfortune
of inspiration:
laurie anderson
fever ray
while we glide
at 30,000 feet above grown
black crusted with orange glitter

9. dear LA (aka helL A) airport alaska airline agent
thank you
for sending me
to the wrong terminal
which resulted
in a map
that looks like this:
through the exhaust
of a million unloading zones
from terminal three to terminal seven
re-checking through security
in the slowest
security line
i may have ever waited in
and then
being directed
to terminal eight
and then
being directed
to terminal six
and then
being directed
to terminal five
indoor speedwalks which included
empty hallways
so long
they appear
as if they will never end
much like hallways
from horror movies

10. a postcard
of a bare watch face
whose second and minute hands
across the antiqueyellow


sky is sky and i am also sky

1. when rae tells us
90% of submissions received
were written by men
i can’t help but thinking of
the artist statement for
we ain’t got shit
different story
but similar sentiment
it reminds me
why it was so important
to hang the
i will never apologize
for my existence
in every room i’ve lived

i feel it
giving rise
in my body
sense of worthlessness
i have inherited
and the fact
that this heirloom
is not unusual

2. military jet takeoff
ripping sky open
in this case
sky is sky
i am also sky

anesthetic and a threaded needle
would be good/
is necessary
i continue walking

3. tale of two
community-based writers
survival floating
in name-infested waters

4. it used to be about
good enough for the moon
and that was all
i am sorry moon
i am sorry moon
i am sorry moon
how to counterbalance
the word dismal
the unexpected politics
and every strand
of healing

5. firing off text messages
into the ether
what if yours is the poetry
in the i.v. drip bag
and what if this
is the needle
ripping out my wrist

6. meet you
under the howard johnson sign
and we’ll go to sleep
from there

sea kettle

1. bike grease
on fingers
a new awareness
of the hand
and which digits i use
to itch
my face
so as to not leave smudges

2. you are all
very talented and intelligent
she says
and i know she’s being
but i still don’t believe her
(though i would have
two months ago)

3. afloat on a sea kettle
heading for surf-pounded rocks
that i may find you there
and take you on board

silence + 1,086 miles = 3,258 quiet miles

1. in the dream
you were downing tumblers
of hard alcohol
on the second floor
of the party
in a window
like the second floor office windows
at whole foods

2. in the dream
the party was at a library
whose floor
was stacked/
in several layers of crystal wine goblets

3. in the dream
you slurred to me
she’s so sweet
after she
introduced herself
to you

4. in the dream
my fingers gripping your collar
your button up shirt bundled in my hands
i slammed your forehead into the sharp edge of the white doorframe
you said
rubbing your temple
i didn’t know
what you were going to do to me
i said back

5. the plan was to run
in the rain
through balboa park sandmud
but i made
banana walnut waffles
with a side
of scrambled
oniongarlic eggs

6. today’s polish vocabulary:
car = auto
bus = autobus
(just like spanish)

7. the whir
of clothes
in the dryer
plus tea
warm in a ceramic pot
could be more
seasonally appropriate

8. a real 21st century housemate interview
three real humans
on the couch
one human
on a computer screen
and one human
on speakerphone
while in transit
from l.a. to san diego

9. photos found
when googling photos for
franciszka voeltz:
try this with your name
you’ll be surprised

10. things i wanted to tell you about today:
the sky
how gray gave way
to layers of dark gray
light gray
white gray
eventually giving way
to tiny patches
of frayed blue

walking west
into sun
watered-down gold
spilling over still-wet sidewalk
a hint of heat

how i am making
tiny concentric circles
my house
acting as the center
from which all paths
echo out
and today
the concentric circles
finally led me to the donut shop
down the street
and it was not right
that you were not here

11.  silence + 1,086 miles = 3,258 quiet miles

holding the gravity of each syllable in cupped palms

in memorial
of every trans-person
because of anti-transgender hatred or prejudice

(this material is intended as a memorial
but may be triggering
please do what you need
to take care of yourself)

the very least we can do
is light candles
is read

each name aloud
and hold
the gravity
of every syllable
in cupped palms
like a plum
an egg
a river rock

a waterfall of names
part litany

part incantation
calling forth
the terror
that must live
those who have curled their fingers
around the triggers
of guns held to the backs of heads
those who have coiled electrical cords
around necks
those who struck matches
into flame
consuming a room
and the woman
inside it
who thought
the dump
as a suitable place
to leave
the punctured body
of another human

for some
this terror
of another’s
is a spidery tumor
tangled thin and knotty
around arteries
seeping into marrow
impossible to eradicate
without eradicating the host itself

[reported] transpeople killed this year:

Location: Rome, Italy
Cause of Death: Burned to death
Date of Death: November 20, 2009


Wanchai Tongwijit
Location:Wichit, Phuket City, Thailand
Cause of Death:Shot in the head
Date of Death:November 21, 2009
She was 35 years old.


Mariah Malina Qualls
Location: San Francisco, California
Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head.
Date of Death: December 9, 2009
Mariah was 23 years old


Estrella (Jose Angel) Venegas
Location: Mexicali, Mexico
Cause of Death: Shot in the chest and the forehead
Date of Death: December 13, 2009
Estrella was 32 years old
Sources: Estrella’s brother.


Location: Bernama, Malaysia
Cause of Death: Wong had stab wounds in the right side of the stomach and left side of the chest plus bruises in the right hand.
Date of Death: January 1, 2010
Wong was 64 years old.


Myra Chanel Ical
Location: Houston, Texas
Cause of Death: Many wounds and defensive bruises.
Date of Death: January 18, 2010
Myra was 51 years old.


Derya Y.
Location: Antalya, turkey
Cause of Death: Stabbed to death
Date of Death: February 8, 2010
Derya was 35 years old.


Fevzi Yener (nickname – Aycan)
Location: Şehremin, İstanbul
Cause of Death: Stabbed 17 times
Date of Death: February 16, 2010
No age was reported
Source: Istanbul LGBTT


Dino Curi Huansi
Location:Parma, Italy
Cause of Death:Stabbed and left in roadside dump
Date of Death:March 26, 2010
She was 28 years old.
Source:Italian breakfast television (“Rai Uno”)
and http://www.parmaoggi.it/2010/03/26/trovato-un-cadavere-in-via-del-traglione-la-vittima-\



Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar
Location: Queens, New York
Cause of Death: Strangled
Date of Death: March 27, 2010
Amanda was 29 years old.


Unidentified transgender woman
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Cause of Death: dismembered and mutilated
Date of Death: estimated to have taken place the last week in March


Unidentified transgender woman
Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
Cause of Death: Beheaded
Date of Death: April 3, 2010


Toni Alston
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Cause of Death: shot to death
Date of Death: April 3, 2010
Toni was 44 years old.


Ashley Santiago Ocasio
Location: Corozal, Puerto Rico
Cause of Death: Stabbed to death
Date of Death: April 19, 2010
Ashley was 31 years old.


Location: Izmir, Turkey
Cause of Death: Shot in the back of the head
Date of Death: April 27, 2010
Azra was 30 years old.


Chanel (Dana A. Larkin)
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cause of Death: Shot in the head
Date of Death: May 7, 2010
Chanel was 26 years old.


Unidentified transgender woman
Location:San Cristobal, Dominican Republic
Cause of Death: Raped and shot 3 times
Date of Death: May 15, 2010
Source:http://transsadominicana1.blogspot.com/2010/05/se-suma-una-victima-mas-los-crimenes-de.html and http://http//www.elnacional.com.do/nacional/2010/5/15/48655/Asesinan-un-travesti-fue-violado


Angie González Oquendo
Location: Caguas, Puerto Rico
Cause of Death: Strangled with an electrical cord
Date of Death: May 24, 2010
Angie was 38 years old


Sandy Woulard
Location:Chicago, Illinois
Cause of Death:Shot in the chest
Date of Death June 21, 2010
Sandy was 28 years old.
Source: Chicago Sun Times (The victim was identified as Credale Woulard)



Roy Antonio Jones III
Location: Southampton, NY
Cause of Death: Punched repeatedly and grabbed by the neck
Date of Death: August 1, 2010
Roy was 16 Months old.
Note: 20 year old Pedro Jones told police he had struck the infant several times with a closed fist. Jones said he was “trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl.”


Imperia Gamaniel Parson
Location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Cause of Death: shot
Date of Death: August 30, 2010
source: http://bikyamasr.com/wordpress/?p=16738


Location: Houston, Texas
Cause of Death: shot to death
Date of Death: September 6, 2010
source: Cristan Williams via the Houston Police Department


Victoria Carmen White
Location Maplewood, New Jersey
Cause of Death shot
Date of Death September 12, 2010
Victoria was 28 years old.


Justo Luis González García
Location Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico
Cause of Death shot in the head
Date of Death September 13, 2010
Justo Luis was 34 years old.
This is 1 of the 2 transgender people found murdered, they were found together.
The second is unidentified.
Source: http://glaadblog.org/2010/09/13/two-transgender-women-found-murdered-in-puerto-rico/ and http://www.elnuevodia.com/ultimandoshombresquevestianropademujer-778501.html


Unidentified person dressed in women’s clothes
Location Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico
Cause of Death shot in the head
Date of Death September 13, 2010
This is 1 of the 2 transgender people found murdered, they were found together.
Source: http://glaadblog.org/2010/09/13/two-transgender-women-found-murdered-in-puerto-rico/ and http://www.elnuevodia.com/ultimandoshombresquevestianropademujer-778501.html


Location Bursa, Turkey
Cause of Death Drowned in her apartment
Date of Death September 20, 2010
Source: Richard Köhler, Transgender Europe – http://www.tgeu.org


Stacey Lee aka Stacey Blahnik
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cause of Death unreported by police
Date of Death October 11, 2010
Stacey was 31 years old



Unidentified person dressed in women’s clothes
LocationSheikhupura, Pakistan
Cause of Death Brutally tortured and burned
Date of Death November 6, 2010
Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/73811/eunuch-and-cross-dressers-bodies-found/


Unidentified Eunuch
LocationSheikhupura, Pakistan
Cause of Death Brutally tortured and burned
Date of Death November 7, 2010
Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/73811/eunuch-and-cross-dressers-bodies-found/


Emanuelly Colaço Taborda
Location:Parana, Brazil
Cause of Death:Strangled
Date of Death:November 9, 2010
She was 39 years old.


all information taken from transgender.org