what would you cook for house dinner?

6 Replies to “what would you cook for house dinner?”

  1. brussel sprouts…steamed then fried in sesame oil:
    root bake….sweet potatoes..yams..beets..whole cloves of garlic..carrots..onions…all baked in coconut oil

  2. Oh, if only I had people in Alaska who I could feed! A whole houseful of them! I would give them

    -caribou stew (with carrots, onions, potatoes and bone broth, thickened with teff flour)


    because that is what I eat.

  3. There’s a man out there, by the stove. He’s staring at a cut potato, chopping carrots, smelling garlic browning in salted butter. He can already taste the seasoned meat well cooked and wine sauce, feel his belly full. He laughs at what he will laugh at. The after dinner cigarette has been smoked, after dinner drinks have been drunk. The restless foray to a darkened corner and three sheeted return have been made, conversations forgotten. Apologies for keys lost, odors emitted accepted. He’s risen, showered after a listless day and night. Replacement cards have been mailed, new phone charged, superiors reassured, dandruff subdued. Terms renegotiated.
    Beads of grease leap and burn at an unflinched hand as he adds a blushed thigh to the cast iron skillet, on medium high.

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