5 Replies to “i’m taking back:”

  1. im taking back my body…my tits…my cou(rage)…im taking back my desire…my agency to feel what i feel when i feel it…to press my lips when it feels good and to hold my own when it doesnt…im taking back my independence…i will not feel hesitant to follow any of my dreams…all of my dreams..no matter how small or huge…
    i am taking back my hart…to hold it on my own for a while…divying up little parts for friends and lovers but holding the biggest and most precious for myself…i am taking back my smile…my laughter..my tears…thank you dandilion for holding them for me…i believe i am ready to stand on my own now

  2. i’m taking back my independence and returning it. it could really be an even exchange – one island for a clubhouse, one set of shoulders set with determination for a pair of hands extending without purpose, one life of strength for one of courage.

  3. I’m taking back my creative energy, my aesthetic spirit and the fruits of my labor. Ten years teaching online for a diploma mill. heart & soul poured into a color monitor. HTML, eCollege, obscene corporate profits, learning on-demand 24/7. Just.Say.No.

  4. I’m a born again virgin. Yes, I will take that back from a rapist! I will take my dignity and leave the shame. I give it back to whom it belongs. I shall feel worthy of all the wonderful and precious moments that I felt I didn’t deserve. I love me enough to…….

    1. it may be that this blog exists for no other reason than for me to be moved (root-rattling) by the power of your reclamation. i hope you felt that same force when you typed those words out. with gratitude and a fist raised into the air alongside yours.

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