for the gift economy

1. for gift economy and sliced texts
blake’s handwriting
just inside the cover of
cruising chairs
while honna and i
split the sweetsour grapefruit
citrus dripping down our fingersplamswrists

2. musical fortunes on the solar soundsystem:
honna: ball and chain
me: rock and roll hoochie coo plus stevie nicks’ gypsy
blake: horse with no name

3. one block from monica’s
we do the spare-key yoga-dance
howling with half-bent laughter
in an attempt to disguise the fact
that this key lives in this magnetized case which he re-attaches
to the inside rear body/bumper
giving away the secret
to any lookers-on

4. we sort the laundry
out of a wicker basket
something intimate
in this mixing
something intimate in this touching
of someone else’s clean socks

5. afer 40 days
ai weiwei is allowed
his first visit
with family
he said he is being treated well
but is there anything else you can say
when officials with pads of paper are
sitting close?
i imagine
what can be communicated
through eyes instead of words

6. how do you spell sirloin
blake asks
his back to matte-mauve painted cinderblock wall
next to honna in her
movie star scarf and sunglasses

7. israel/palestine
on our minds