my intention:
to collect details. 1 to 10 a day.
because it has been said that god is in the details.
because it has also been said that the devil is in the details.
a catalogue of the overlooked.
a celebration of the list.
a gathering of pauses and still moments.

please note: the detail format may stray from time to time.

about me (franciszka voeltz):
anchor. collector. seer. magician.
open-heart surgeon in a sequined mask.
bring it: collaborations. peirogies. eye contact. heat.
more here.

other projects and presences:
dear beloveds project
cross-pollination mobile show and tell tour
adrienne, issue 1
guest curator at nola studiola
jupiter 88 #256
heteroglossia at dangerous sweetness

15 Replies to “background”

  1. you tell a fantastic story in the simple yet poetic desciption of a day’s moments, and it’s captivating. i love the concept, and your execution of it, and i look forward to much more.

  2. Even if I could wrap you in the sequined droplets of deep purple stormcloud heatwave and hop a boxcar slow roll to chicago to feed you homemade pierogies from Ukranian Village it still wouldn’t be grand enough heartboom headstand over heels enough of a reflection of what your language does for me. How your moments move me. Thanks.

  3. Details details details…
    my writing teacher once told me that the key to good writing is to remember all 5 senses . If you want the reader to experience your writing then the senses are your weapon. And the only way to get the senses into your writing is through details. I think about this everytime I sit down to write…and when I’m reading as well. You my dear, get at all the senses until it becomes this very sensuous experience reading all your daily details…thanks for stripping a day down to the devil in the details

  4. I was daydreaming on the website for the UCSD MFA program and found a link to your blog. I look forward to reading your work.

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