like the waters of an icemelt river

1. dream:
you called
mom told me who it was before i picked up
answered like the waters of an icemelt river would answer

2. 8something am
silverware drawer initiation
sound of cutlery spilling to terra cotta tile

3. fever-ache
with kidney ache
what it means to inhabit a body
that does not want
to cooperate
what it means to inhabit a body
that might be harboring secrets
what it means to inhabit a body
during this lucky streak of health insurance

4. pressing metal prongs into soil
providing tomato babies
with something
to lean on

5. fingers rake nasturtium seeds
from garden bed
every granule of dirt gathered under fingernails
is real and
worth it

6. skywriter first completes a circle then
goes back
one line at a time
to put an X through it
slow and precise
white cloud writing
same shape as hubcap reflection
outside albertson’s market
several hours later

7. star jasmine scent
lifts along back walkway
rises through second-story curtains

8. i hate going fishing
he says
i can’t sacrifice the worm
and also:
i don’t have any friends
i don’t know what i’m doing with my life
i’m tired of moving around
all while seating on the rickety kitchen stool
perched over a plate of lentils, rice and garbanzo beans

9. it doesn’t matter that this song and i have known
each other for eighteen years
it spins new around me
like astral dust might settle