wild mustang country

1. your voice
a gravel road
leading me east
to wild mustang country

2. 8 hours in the kitchen at work
follwed by 2 hours
in the kitchen at home
nothing worth mentioning
except the two hours at home
the damage
of 8 hours at work

3. joolay’s emo mix
on constant rotation
singing along while
is necessary

4. fennel
sliced thin, olive oiled
and tossed into toaster oven

5. the most gorgeous red butterhead lettuce
in kitchen sink

6. judith’s thank-you-for-letting-me-stay-here red wine
and four glasses
arranged on backporch table

7. purple grape spill
across tablecloth
to remember
this moment

8. the birth of a dominatrix: miss payne
who sometimes
goes to restaurants

9. soundtrack
for the all-day-in-the-kitchen ache
in my legs
(last weekend
someone mentioned that
growing pains
are a sign of
juvenile arthritis)

10. mouth to ear
teeth to neck
i tell you
about summer
in minneapolis

11. workin on our night moves
under orange streetlight filtered |
through windshield glass

the best way to manipulate time

1. 5something a.m.
some part of me
is taking in
an uncapturable sunrise
plus bright white moon

2. dreams:
rolan, ami and i
a farm
someone limps up the steps
while someone goes for a walk in the back field
and enters a conversation
with the neighbor

i ask you to come over
then send you home
this is our first argument

for the first day of school
i choose
the bluebrown boots

3. random array
of goods
stashed like gold
in work freezer:
two packages of (what would you do for a) klondike bars
and a box of hebrew national brand beef franks in a blanket

4. krissy
bringer of healing leaves
during the changing
of the guard

5. it is not dinner
but banana bread
goes well
with cough away tea

6. maroon blur
and that voice
yelling out a window
headed east
while i

7. four glass cups
filled with heat
to skin
along shoulder blades
while i lay
face down
each deep breath
moving the glasses towards each other

8. discovering
the difference
september 2nd
and september 23rd
(the best way
to manipulate time
is to lie to yourself
about due dates
and deadlines)

9. for dinner
xavier cooks
black beans
lacinato kale with mushrooms
garnished with lime
and avocado

10. the kind of sky
that breaks your heart
all day
from sunrise
to dusk

11. the living room
a sea of prints
x-acto knives
and mat board
in the middle

six studies of landscape and history in the key of wingman

1. poppy red morning
glowing through pulled-shut curtains

2. open sky
deep blue above me
in stillness
there is the force
of 8million fists

3. pink grapfruit
from hands to mouth
while swaying
in yellow hammock
it is no longer citrus season

4. ‘bear rug
draped over front yard chair

5. barefoot and sweeping
barefoot and mopping
is the rhythm

6. a stomach
of grief

7. the loss
of never entering
your calmquiet
my art
going hungry
in your art’s
(i don’t know
how to do san diego
without you)

8. setting a new
neti pot record
to four times in one day

9. riding west on dekum
through the wind and gray
of a storm
that never arrives

10. corinne coming home to me
at shannon’s house
(the hilarity
of the out-of-contextness
and familiarity
smashing up
against each other)

11. hot rose tea
at the dining room table
shiz and i study

12. in case you didn’t like
wingman series

six studies of landscape and history
in the key of wingman

i’ve got another suggestion
for your print series title:
a pound of olives
or a tub of anchovies

the first strawberry/two griefstories

1. water
dribbling down chin
onto chest
to summer heat

2. sun soaked garden tour
garlic scapes
leaving marks
on biceps

3. the first strawberry
and a sampling
of snap peas
chewing through

4. orange wedges
in bowl
on hands
in mouth
under sun

5. in this song
bring out the words
i’ve never heard before

4. get yer boots
out of the closet, boy
put em on
and shine em in my sheets

5. a ghosttrip
to mt. mitchell
with unnamed roads
and unmarked turns

6. two griefstories
atop a beetquilt
one involving
the heartbreak
of family and distance
and one involving
the heartbreak
of a young death
of something so right

7. endeared
by the feyest waitor
at chabba thai
while the sun sinks
in the west

8. front seat
and delirious
i hold
in my hands
and get to take one
with me

9. i didn’t mean
to look
this nice

says black sweater
to red tshirt #31
a backporch

10. four chapters
relief comes
when geryon
and his mom
about the empty fruitbowl

11. constellations of word stars
shining in paragraphs
lead me to the window
in search of
gold moon rising

you are a luminous flipbook underneath the loincloth moon

1. kitchen counter
with excess condiments
barbeque sauce
sweet and sour light orange sugar syrup

2. ryder
frying turkey bacon
stirring grits
and aiming
for over-easy eggs

3. backporch breakfast
secret garden style
followed by
a banana hammock-hanging dessert

4. corinne
leaning into porch posts
while the drill
whines into wood

5. afloat
in a banana peel
over a sea of fresh mint
with a side of blooming lilies
a moment of summer lounge softness
corinne and i
and breathing

6. holding middle fingers overhead
in a double fuck-you
to the military jets
splitting sky
at such decibals
all conversation
is rendered

7. my room
a bermuda triangle
of to-do lists
and intentions

8. a strip of post-sunset gold
rising up
behind the edge of
forest park
(what was once known
as the tualatin mountains)

9. trickster time
starring in the great battle
of expandcollapse
when what feels like 11:30 pm
is really 2 am

10. the introduction
of an already existing
drag persona:
perry homo
and the birth
of a new one:
evan essence

11. you
are a luminous flipbook
a loincloth moon

12. a tiny taste
of steel diamond plate
my knees

13. the cacophony
of two sets of rattling lungs
morning-colored light

we’re getting closer to death. together.

1. dream:
you appear
on the front porch
in your baseball cap
with a two-page note
in your hand

2. between the line
and the dishpit
paul and i
science fiction
and old casio keyboards
he tells me
my voice
is smokin

3. marea
sends a photo
of a memorial brick
with the name sunshine crusher
etched into it

4. paloma’s dolphin noises
across a room
with people

5. behind a semi-circle of lit candles
a guitar
a cello
a violin
a harp

sometimes serenading
sometimes lullabying
sometimes shredding hard

6. sophisticated backyard dining
involving salad with horseradish
and sheep feta
on top

7. the joke
for the eve
begins with
passing infectious diseases
back and forth
and ends with
we’re getting closer to death. together.

8. while washing dishes
we discuss
the scrabble movie
the spelling bee movie
the crossword puzzle movie

9. i brush black and gold eyeshadow
across shannon’s eyelids
but make her
draw on her own eyeliner

10. moon
one night shy of full
so bright
its glare alone
could slice me
clean open


air: 70 f
body: 99.8-100.0 f

corinne brings me sleepy tea
corinne makes me salad
corinne sets out to sail on the seas of sleep
in the dusk
of moonrise

a freighter that never ends
a hummingbird carrying heartmagic
an oil lamp burns out

twice daily
flushing ache
from joints

why eat food
when i can just feed
on tinctures