the collections agency

685 posts
4,037 tags later
two year detailing anniversary
i did the math and
685 posts for
( 365 x 2 ) 730 days = 94%
not as good as my attendance record at school
but better than i could ever
hope for
and this is to handwrite and secretpocket deliver
the word gratitude
to anyone who has ever
believed in
guest-starred in
returned to (like one might return to church)
felt inspired by
the detail collector
each of you
a beloved member
of the collections agency

bike punk
with the build of a thunderbird
in suspenders
eats free pizza alone
while i pierce iceberg lettuce with my travel fork

gay genius in the mailbox
as if a slice of the portland i know
hitched out in theĀ  sealed mailer
and i feel closer to myself
while couchcurled and pageflipping

all that
the song (the path back)
refused to lead me
akin to someone changing the locks in my absence
only this wasn’t the doing of another human
but the corrosion of time

simone forti
dances the podium/slender legged table
the star
the nuclear reactors at fukushima and the man who lives near there
who keeps his windows open
all this after she tells the story
of a ghost smell
a smell that isn’t really there but that she picks up on
several layers down
perhaps the scents
a lizard smells
simone forti gets at
what words can’t

when you say
even in virginia
the blue-ridge tree roots
the rain-air
the brokenback sky
misses me
the ache doubles
me over

a dream
of roads
the difference between the interstate and
secondary highways
ribboning through towns
immune to time