brighter now

the victory of the last brassica start
being lowered
into the ground
while the wind moves around us
in the moldy mulch dust air
on a clear day
while the bright orange flags
that deliniate one variety from another
flip and flap brighter now than they will be
by the end of the season
from the water world:

A man jumps off the cliff of Serendah waterfall in Rawang, outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. – voice of america, day in photos

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all the greens becoming

lying on my stomach
on the cool wood floor
catching up on the poems
sent dailiy to my inbox
the quality
of light flitered by the new green growing
off branches stretching overhead
and all the greens

hauling the final garden cart of my stuff
(clothes) from karma
to the sugar shack 
and the satisfaction i feel of having moved
it all this way 

headpiece i call the earphone/mic combo
which makes both shannon and i laugh
about codpieces
)he little stained glass style hooded nightlight
(which is one of the things of janina siedlewski’s that i aquired)
sending the glow of small light
through its flower petal reds and offwhites
up in the sleeping loft
whose matress is currently draped in layers of bedding including
the afghan janina crocheted
(brght greens and purple-magentas)

from the water world: 

Trash is seen on the polluted El Claro creek on Earth Day in Tigre, Argentina – voice of America, day in photos.

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when the stream was a place

how i fake-juggle the two oranges
we eat for breakfast
the saturation of the color of their skin
almost too much in a way that makes me
love this citrus fruit even mroe
a certain kind of tranquility
cynthia and i agree upon
about spaces (like julia and mike’s, where we just spent the night)
that aren’t filled with the humming
of electricity
drums and vermiculite and rubber boots in the hatchback 
as we drive south into the morning
down highway 63 towards macon
we are very blessed with water in this state molly says
of the over 1,500 miles of stream
in missouri
when someone mentions the headwaters of the missouri river
in montana, smoeone else says and it’s clear, oh boy, that water is clear up there
which i take to mean a version of holy

all there is – no habitat there she says
about channelized streams and their absence
of riffling

when she asks what the green on the topo map indicates
another person says forest
and she says that’s right,
though, of course, some of the areas that were forest, might not be anymore

and when we talk about safety and trespassing (etc.) 
someone says it is a good idea to wash your hands
after they have been in the stream
which makes me ache for a time
when the stream was the place to wash
i go into the day not knowing
what the word riffle means, and i come out of it
having taken a sample of bugs
(or what one might call macroinvertebrates) from near one
where the sun glints off the rippled surface of stream water
tumbling over small rocks

like listening to a weather event coming in
i listen to the slow-to-boil water
in the $3 ceramic electric kettle
as it warms 
before i pour it into the hot pink nalgene
to be wrapped in a sock and tucked
at the foot of the bed

from the water world: 

A man drinks water from an earthen pot kept by the side of a road for people on a hot day in Ahmadabad, India. Most of north India has been reeling under a heat wave with temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius. – voice of america, day in photos

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it’s the recipe

baigz and cynthia and i
hauling the cart out to the heartland
filled with a chainsaw and acoutremonts
and then hauling it back in again
with the oak logs that we will drill holes into and fill
with mushroom plugs
how i say thank you and sorry to the tree
same as i say to the ants i mash
to keep my room and critter-free as possible
let it go where it wants to
(rather than forcing it, with judgement, to go where you think it should) bruin says
of the shoulder that always feels hunchy and wrong
shore up those practices now he says
create these rhythms now in your body when you can
i would like to use the word unfurl for what trish and dottie and eventually darien and i
do with the metal mesh fence
akwardly attached to the tposts
that we disentagle from years of non-use
then haul with a cart and by carrying
and then hold/place and pound in
to the pea beds
wrong materials i say speaking especially
to the unnecessary weight
the smell of cynthia’s granola
drifting out the whitehouse window
as we clean the dirt of the hoes and shovels
outside the garden shed
the maroon/red and yellow
of the first columbine blooms coming up
in what used to be the echinachea bed
and maybe still is

not only are caroline’s from-scratch tortillas good
but i love that it’s the recipe from her mom which her mom learned from her mom

from the water world:

An Indian tribal woman reacts after an earthen pot filled with water falls off her head during a 100-meter sprint event with water pots on heads, in the Suwori Tribal festival in Boko. – voice of america, day in photos

Indian youths play in the water with their herd of buffaloes in the Tawi River on a hot day on the outskirts of Jammu. -voice of america, day in photos

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this is the risk

awoken by a lot of lightning
a little wind
and some light rain
as seen and heard from the windows
of the loft bed perch
how the day begins:
wiping a hand across my brow
and finding a tick there
which i remove and drop
into the jar of alcohol
(this is the risk i take sharing
my bed with cats)

the trail of heartthrob (the game) cards
that cynthia and i find along the highway
and read outloud
as we walk and place recyclables in one bag
and trash in another

mystified by the scent in my room
unable to place it until i remember
the lilacs
in the shade of the karma pond trees
near granola’s grave
a tin of salmon passed
back and forth
the whine of the orbital sander in my hands
as i pass it over and over the walls and dividers
of the left side of my future desk
working on sawhorses outside karma
where inside in the shop
i can hear cynthia’s nail gun
attaching the drawer parts
to each other
yesterday night’s fireflies that i forgot to mention yesterday
(how i had to pause in the little forest path to discern what the collection of brief and singular shimmers were)
and how i encounter them again tonight
on my dusk path walk down
to the sugar shack
 from the water world:

Indian laborers transport bamboo logs down the Longai River near the Tripura-Mizoram state border in Damchara. – voice of america, day in photos

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float and stroke

first swim from one end of the d.r. pond
to nearly the other
and i keep thinking
as i float and as i strokeOne of four Acehnese teens gets whipped for spending time in close proximity with her boyfriend, which is against Sharia law, in Aceh.ring
that it must be july
but instead
it is only mid april
the small bunch of lilacs
in a small jar of water
how sometimes i forget to breathe out
because all i want to do is breathe it in
divine is the word that sole and mahogany used
and i agree
from the water world:

Residents view the first iceberg of the season as it passes the South Shore, also known as “Iceberg Alley”, near Ferryland Newfoundland, Canada. – voice of america, day in photos

A Kashmiri shepherd tosses a lamb after rescuing it from being washed away in Harshan village 35 kilometers (22 miles) north of Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir. – voice of america, day in photos

and then there’s this, not from the water world, but makes me wonder, where is the boy she got close to?
does he get whipped too? not that he should, not that either of them should. and the fucked up part (or, at least one of them) is that it looks like it’s happening in public – perhaps on some kind of stage.

One of four Acehnese teens gets whipped for spending time in close proximity with her boyfriend, which is against Sharia law, in Aceh. – voice of america, day in photos

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as whole as possible

without meaning to
i run four and a half miles
and while it wasn’t my fastest
i can tell there is some kind of satisfaction in there
about distance
and less cares about speed
and this is where i must thank the banana, shared from darien, for powering me through the gravel and the ruts and the rise fall of the hills and the cruving corners
mica and i making reverse-nests across from each other
in beds 24 and 25
in the gathering heat of the morning
(which is nothing compared to the gathering heat that will come on in july and august)
before we lower the three different varieties of young cabbages in
i’m not sure if any of us are sure
of the name of the grass
but we do know how it travels by rhizomes
and it is a nightmare in the garden
and so we do our best to follow
the lines of the trhizomes straggling along
in the earth
and we also do our best to pull them out
as whole as possible
because it is the new normalish,
i could almost take it for granted:
these 70 degree days
where sweating is still a novelty
the pot that trish offers
for the licking from the 
flourless chocolate cake
that is baking in the oven
the guessing game we end up playing with
the statistics that cynthia pulls up
about animal-related deaths
and the number of deaths due to deer
(not deer as the agressor, but deer as the thing that people driving cars crash into)
was surprisingly huge
especially compared to number of human deaths caused by other creatures such as sharks, bears and lions
from the water world:

A girl is splashed with water by boys following a Polish Wet Easter Monday tradition, in Wilamowice, Poland – voice of america, day in photos

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