no one ever taught me about triage, but i embark

1. sleep in til 10
the real first cold night
one sleeping bag
one down comforters
heartbeet quilt

2. if anyone were to torture me
they would find a way
to recreate
the moments
of cool air
hitting bed-warm skin
covers lifted
body entering world

3. tulsi tea
new york times:
u.s. and europe shipping our trash
to china
eight goddamn years
u.s. military
occupying afghanistan

4. first day
of wool tights
deep pleas to sun

5. inside corinne’s studio looking out
dried bamboo leaves
rain coming down
i swear i can see each drop

6. fleshing out
arrangements of letters
calibri font
artist statement
writing sample
the economy of text

7. ten poems
laid out on floor
no one ever taught me
about triage
but i embark

8. pedaling
working heat up under the layers
cannot bring myself
to interrupt momentum
for hoodie removal

9. twenty minutes early
workshopping poems
war battle hymn
winter exile
pressed chrysanthemums
liver mistaken for pancreas

10. 707 area code
how late is too late?

9. clyde the bike
in my arms
up concrete steps
across freeway
down again
every limb
every wednesday
for the next ten weeks
11 miles

11. night ride down broadway
tiny bits of rain
thrown down
everything about this moment
[fresh air
body in motion
rain on face]
is perfect

12. somewhere in there
i overlooked
quesadillas with goat cheese
freddie and ink and birthday flyers
corinne bearing gifts of cake
nicoletta and i on green cloud couch

so dazzling, i return to her





1. marathon
of moments
embedded into days
breaking me wide open
heart reaching out chest
to sky

2. immense nest of sadness
immense body of joy

3. impromptu yoga date
shiz in red and white leg warmers
crossing sassy shack paths
ten til nine

4. breathing into hip openers
sufi splendor
holding us up

5. secret short bangs handshake

6. post office
5-cent stamp purchase
deal, not a steal
elton john, rocket man blasting

7. fighter jet carving it’s invasive way across
fall bright sky

8. red-breasted sapsucker
bird body
so dazzling i gasp
biking past
so dazzling
i return to her

9. 3-egg omelette:
garden greens
garden tomatoes
garden garlic
goat gouda
slow eating
new york times reading
couch cloud-lifting me up

10. npr
tracing accents and language
through lineage and history
to place

11. forward motion
through work
artist statement
artist bio
writing sample
train whistle hurtling
corinne’s studio
smell of ink and paint
coming unstuck

12. dinner
3 candles
spicy greens
bbq tempeh
steaming cornbread
nicoletta, you can’t ever leave

13. slow drip of sweat
tickling thigh
sauna-hot walls
burning into thick heel skin

tornado of wilted bones

1. dreams:
the tall boy everybody loves
jump up and squeal of excitement
dance party across town
daunting walk home
by deaf 4 year old
through hearing parents

2. 8am bells ringing
run-and-duck under shutting garage door
morning cold on fingers
curled over handlebar

3. worst work smells:
potato rot
backed up grease trap
liquid smoke

4. dirty dancing soundtrack
track #11
bruce channeling jello

5. all the things
i’m probably not allowed
to tell you
about the carelessness
tornado of wilted bones
hurricane of red
this is what erupts

6. new seasons pantomimes
behind glass
sound inferred by movement of mouth

7. first cool night
autumn moving in for a foothold
cashier comments on hooded layers
we talk sauna

8. endless cracker aisle
flourescent lit
response to packaging:
cellular-level of sadness
i cringe and choose

9. phone time
and several fuck offs later
laughter heard
through ceiling/floorboards

10. set of tin cans on a string
deadlines on one end
painting on the other
durable string
carrying messages
across time zones

running bathwater
and cueing up movie

oh, tenderness/mothers at war

1. oh, tenderness
the stitches
coming undone
too early

2. screen missing from kitchen back door
eliciting outloud laugh
this is how
the workday begins

3. johnny
in between flipping eggs
and frying sausages
donning found harley davidson shades
slamming beer from a sippy cup
lid on

4. layers of almond gravy
cooked onto sides of 9 gallon pot
shades of brown
stratum of crust
lines like sediment rock
the kitchen an archeological dig

5. stripped from deep fried work clothes
to underwear
dining room lounging

6. cold blast
after warm shower
invoking clear waters
of the clackamas, washougal, trinity

7. one hour of golden light
one hour of down time
one hour of bare shoulders
sunday new york times
front porch radiant heat
mothers at war

8. lola at stove finishing lentils and rice
sweet brandywine tomatoes, garden picked
reunion in the kitchen
yes, that weekend really did happen
it really did

9. mountainous tire pile
at 82nd and sandy
lights of vancouver
diamonds cut into distance

10. application preparation:
welland center for those with good hearts
and writerly inclinations work exchange program

11. revival/revisitation:
mountain song
jane says

cheering on the black-booted jumpers




1. awake at 8
riding six hour sleep wave
drafting poemscapes

2. shuffling around house in
boys superman underwear
white tanktop
corinne couch cuddle
jokes of bobble heads
something sweet and 12 year old and ripped open tender
cartoon watching kind of morning

3. mystery of the disappeared bread
from freezer

4. sixteenth annual polish festival
shannon, lola, corinne
cheering on the black booted jumpers
mispronouncing kiss me in polish

5. blush
of polish boys/men
catching breath
how i always want to sneak one of them around back
press him against scaffolding of stage
sink teeth into neck

6. puddle of pierogi grease
paper plate
old world language
familiar in ears
filling heart

7. september summer
tank-topped and bike riding
cutting through gold light
magic unfit for words
in air against skin

8. saturday night stereo fusion from the lower level:
journey rising from nicoletta’s room
herculues and love affair rising from corinne’s

9. if there is one definite things in my bones
about tonight
it is this:
lit candles.
hot water.
while the rest of queer portland
dresses for
dirty dance
flash mob

10. dollar bills raining
from top of staircase
standing below
arms outstretched

11. hobo spider
sealed in glass jar
kitchen counter

12. first line of geese
swift wings
diagonal line across sunset sky

13. toss
of last burial dirt
into split open ground

weight of wishrock, ocean-tossed









1. dressed for a date with the coast
anchors and dinosaurs
lemon ginger echinachea steaming

2. shiz and i in back seat
the great soup
of ambiguity

3. sand and saltwater blessing
how the cool and wind and salt
make everything ok
some kind of energetic

4. saltwater taffy
somebody’s black and white photos

5. mom’s polish lessons in the forest
neah-kah-nie mountain
dobry dzień: good day
dzień dobry: good morning
ptak: bird
drzewo: tree
moving mouth
across new letter sounds
over and over

5. 101 north
passing prowler trailer
secret smile spills across face

6. the poetry
on the other side
of the world

7. fern
slicing up sunlight
before laying it back down
on brown of forest floor

8. witnessing the fear of BEING ALIVE
on scraggle mountain top rock
a narrative
i never asked
to be handed

9. she’ll be riding six white horses when she comes
yee hah
she’ll be riding six white horses when she comes

back seat chorus
8 year old kids

10. weight of wishrock
ocean tossed

11. sting of lime
on moxa burn
tiny fingertip wound
thin scar skin pushed back

12. log-shared first
for the four of us
beach-fresh guacamole
shannon on back up:
tomatoes and cheese

13. quartz creek
gold spilled/drenched leaves
arching over artery of water below

14. mirah
with the ramparts built so high
all the soldiers stuck inside
but this will fall away with time
if you promise to be kind
promise to be kind
promise to be kind

15. artist statement highlights:
precious vulnerbility
prescribed voyeurism
illegible compositions
abrubtly explicit
seductively elusive

ode to car dealerships




1. rachel corrie dreams
i can see from here
bodies blocking the bulldozers
humans defiant on porch
bodies in line of fire
you pressed into me
saying you’re ready
i hollow away
mistaken for
leaning into
yr voice responding
something like a sissysigh
three-story shack
miniature victorian
blue and white and leaning
and other buildings
too charming to name
set into forest
i want to build one too

2. speaker phone
mossgreen couch
me between mom and dad
starlings swooping down
from telephone wire
bird dance formations
filling sky

3. 122nd ave
also known as
the ode to car dealerships
the shine
the corporate logos
the display vehicles winking through all that glass

4. mom
announcing gas prices
at each gas station pass
saving us 10cents on the gallon

5. discovery:
it doesn’t take
a return to the suburbs
to feel the world
closing in on me

6. magellen guiding us through
you have arrived
she tells us
in the turning lane

7. hermiston melons
for sale
in the sun that has finally broke through
back of a pickup truck
122nd and sandy

8. fabric depot
indoor expanse
stretching into forever
under flourescent light
i cannot leave
until i’ve looked at every single fabric
moment of fortune

9. mom on molly katzen soup duty
dad on kapusta
me on dessert, greens, kielbasa

10. the magic of
two tables pushed together
oil lamps casting warm light
flowered sheet as tablecloth
corinne in host mode
parents meet my crew
(four of which
i have kissed)
12 of us
my heart:
my body:
my soul:
my mind:

11. this cozy heart
has a loose tooth
or perhaps wisdom tooth impacted

12. searching sky for moon sliver
pedaling through red lights
open arms
quick quick slow slow

pyrotechnics of poetry/season of gold

1. dream:
teaching grade school
responsible for two classes at once
calling on assistance

2. walking
mom and dad
neighborhood tour
bordering fenced off  site
future athletic field
their unsure footing
my lack of patience

3. days open and fold up again
in the moments it takes
to decide

4. scone
carbonated orange
quince thyme iced
steaming jasmine
dessert bar
dessert bar
yellow flashback table
chrome legged

5. pale gold
even at 2pm
you do amazing things with this light

6. figs
light green
light black
so soft full
over outstretched hand
5 blocks home

7. cathect:
to invest emotion or feeling in (an idea, object or another person)
potentially a new favorite word

8. bangover

9. two wisconsin run-ins:
barista at extracto
madeline in poetry class
madison represent

10. september
season of gold
spilling across telephone pole and wire lineup
down hawthorn

11. pyrotechnics of poetry
held up against resonance of discovery
score page of averages and calculations

12. season of the free box:
pink nalgene
hooded sweatshirt
sleeveless skateboard hoodie one size too big

13. slumdog millionaire
5 mile night ride home
you can’t fuck with me, alameda ridge

14. aspirations
of the bodily variety
martial arts
embodiment of toughness

revealings of the tiny gigantic

1. dreams:
confessing he got it all wrong
leanings towards love

2. golden light
passing through bird wing
not starling
not mourning dove
something speckled

3. thin blue rubber bands
tossed across prep table
most famously known
for binding bunches of scallions

4. three eggs
on stainless steel
equinox kitchen celebration

5. word i cannot remember
for half a day,
treat a sacred place or thing with violence or disrespect

6. corinne
in all that pink
pulling prints
working big
music cranked
mutuality of inspiration

7 .the great text marathon
across i-84
revealings of the tiny gigantic
shaved heads

8. autumn sunset
burning horizon lyaers of red
someone just spilled
a bunch of gorgeousness
across sky

9. attempt at window perch
black bean salsa with avocado
have’a tortilla chips
moon sliver to the southwest
an orange peel

10. don’t leave home
without them
black gloves
stuffed into back pocket

11. abundance
in the land of heat
narrative of i wonder when
crumbling before me

unfair cram of important questions

1. coffemilk
sweetness poured down the sink
porcelain mug
half full

2. sun infusion in three forms:
card #19
vitamin d
the actual orb, spilling gold onto shoulders, alberta park

3. needles for the onset of autumn
metal on metal
healed with fire

4. equinox
stand those eggs on end tomorrow

5. riding that orange zephyr
into dark warm night

6. tea carried
across hardwood floor
hot red water
shining inside clear glass pot

6. unfair cram of important questions
outside teahouse
while bewildered man
what the fuck
reconciles his old neighborhood
with now

7. dirty dancing invite
the curse
of my inability to be
in more than one place at one time
is not limited
to summer

8. wind on bare legs
considerable absence of goosebumps
over the shoulder bike goodbye

9. bread pudding
bacon smell
black bean salsa
day old sushi
my arrival

10. spontaneous kitchen dance party
of doing 90 in a 65
never tires
corinne and i
dollar bills rain on me

11. farewell, summer
attic room filled
with sunsweet air