performing posture

1. the novelty of darkness
after days of
19-hour light

2. hair of the dog
donut delivery
for an ice cream hangover

3. tensions
running high
over the garnishes
orange slices
green onions
absentee cilantro

4. water running through me
16 ounces at a time
some kind of circular breathing

5. rhythm of chopping red potatoes
four chops in one direction
three in the other
sliding potato cubes to edge of cutting board

6. callout for adventure
i want river
i want forest
i want sun on skin

7. hours
lodging themselves
into lower back

8. performing posture
when water
and watching eyes
are involved

9. to-do lists
into 11-line wait pads

10. post shower
favorite ritual
heat of converted attic room

11. the search is over

destination: possibility

1. strip of glittering gold
onfire sunspill across
anchorage sky
five am

2. thirty seven thousand feet above you
thin clouds textured like skin

3. crooked edge of a continent
gradients of waterblue
elements converging

4. tan curve of shoulder
against summerblue

5. afloat
though this is not the salted ocean
i could swim across the poisoned width of it

6. skin is the sky
freckles the constellations

7. summerswim hair
whipping dry in dusty air
stinkdog in backseat
pickup truck
destination: possiblity
we are a force

8. lavender chocolate
fabric stain
finger food

9. sugarcones
ice cream fingers
half moon carving bright path
across early night sky

10. string of moments of disbelief
and laughter
threading itself
across length of day
we name it magic

11. lemon note scrawled
as memorial
as preservation
as reminder
of where the work can take us

11. pad see ew
spring rolls
seth’s sweeping gestures

11. michael jackson
mariah carey
river dance
small sound
big joy
and trouble
ne 27th and alberta
gallon of water
miniature bamboo forest
we don’t even try to fake the moonwalk

the scale of ships out of water

1. every detail
i ever desired
in the line
of this mountain

2. team rugged
seward alaska
summer 2009
fueled by peanut butter pretzel
and incomplete

3. seward dry dock
ship names:
glacier queen
john calvin
color of corroded windows
set into warp of weathered wood
cameralessness is a crime

4. ben shows
zinc strips
attach to hull
taking the brunt of the oxidization
so the steel and iron of the structure
don’t have to

5. tiny feathers
yellow and black bird
rolled flat
over gravel
i hod a burial
in my head

6. the scale of ships out of water

7. joolie and laurie show
it’s been too long
bringing cobwebbed laughter
up from the cellar

8. black bear on roadside
to maximum security
contrast of dandelion fluff
stuck to dark fur
when this prison fills
they are shipped to arizona
tell me where the crime is here
and who is the perpetrator

9. front yard
white tent
medicine collection
identifying frankincense
donut coma

10. aunt pearl
body once folded in half
calf bones showed up like oats in xray
and now you walk
a strong drink your favorite accessory
happy 54th wicked cane-wielding fierce one
the way you wear that kid face
on that thin body
makes you look like someone i know
makes me want to hold the barbed wires of you

11. eleven pm anchorage light
falls soft on city moose
long nosed
tiny eyed

wishes for acorns

1. amber’s dream-mares
at picnic table
wind through trees
campfire-infused fabric

2. blonde hair to shoulders
butterfly shirt
she names the pinecone ‘fred’
but wishes for acorns

3. reassurance of water
in a time of unnerving numbers

4. house and boat
held high off ground
in long hours of golden light

5. dogswim
largest skunk cabbage ever
aunt pearl
seated beachward
cigarette in hand

6. water meets water
steely blue haze
veil-wearing mountains

7. visions of sloppy housewrecking
trouble-making ambition

8. stalin’s granddaughter
making art
gone wisconsin-crazy

9. seward fisheries
icicle seafoods
charlie delivers cake
the curse of waiting for the work to come in
tent city
young ukranians
in denim and sweatshirts
wide steps across quiet street
baked potatoes shared on coals
pet rabbits running free

10. rusted boat skeleton
under water
above water
under water
this is the (rise and fall of) tide

narration of glaciology



1. joolie’s
self-love flower essence
under tongue
radiating this body

2. valiant lady
teal paint peeling
nautical love at first sight

3. hands heart hair feet
wet with gray glacier melt
skin red with cold
ache rises to knees

4. body draped over 20,000 year old
mass of ice
depths of blue i’ve never seen before

5. narration of glaciology
kenai fjord
spirit feeding
right: starbird
left: portside
ranger tim tells all

6. porpoises racing ship bow
whistle of quick water meeting blowhole
wishing stones tossed off
with strong arms

7. brown and beige of xtra tufs

8. arms of a stranger’s family
drawing me in

9. ben’s dad does poetry
verses inscribed in memory
flushed face
aunt pearl chorusing in
alaskan goldrush 1899-1901

10. half tourist
half local by association
the privilege
of being let in

11. 2:20am and still light
failed fire
assault of overhead flourescent
have portable altar
will travel

courageous living in the heartworld/rugged on the inside

1. thick black soles
walkie talkie clipped to belt
vertical stripe down pants
weighted walk
across flat carpet
pdx international

2. cut-out silhouette
seated at piano
live human
at the mic
something like harry belafonte

3. dichotmies:
a. i’m so excited for your adventure/i don’t know what i’m going to do without you
b. heartbreak. we’ll miss you/i’m glad you’re doing what you need to take care of yourself
c. protective shell/love moves through
d. high holidays/high country

4. dear alaska,
don’t laugh
these 18-eyelet knee high leather things
are really hiking boots in disguise
rugged on the inside

5. something like heartbreak
body ache
a landing
into this skin
fully inhabiting
the expansive contractive space
inside ribcage

6. witnessing a workforce
that has spent
a lifetime on its feet
how much of their walk
carries the weight of shame
aching them forward
i ache and move forward
beside them

7. courageous living
in the heartworld

8. motion of hands
weaving through another’s hair
twisting into tight french braids
seven rows up

9. descent
graceful arc
over endless water
shine and brown
mudflats for miles

10. hope junction sign
how the metal curves and rusts
where bullets moved through it

11. white of cottonwood fluff
glowing and afloat
in long alaskan light

12. hand on denim
over joolie’s heart
you deserve nothing less
than to be adored

13. the great length
of a three-hour dusk
milo’s sad time of day

anticipations of edge-riding

1. scents:
lime zest
1 pound of basil
lilies in the walk in

2. the destructiveness
of the power
of comparison

3. anticipations
of edge-riding

4. molly’s sticky rice
with mango
for breakfast

5. two tigerlilies
strapped to bike
losing petals
downhill and northbound

6. when the wind
sounds like rain

7. sister stays home
we will light candles
save your spot
reach through time zones to feel you there

8. gillian welch
patty griffin
good company
for this work-sore body

9. sleep sweetly takes over

i offer the arc of this body

1. missed bus dreams

2. one sun salutation
grateful limbs

3. wanna see the world
in high definition?
asa hands me sunglasses
that turn everything golden
tree leaves
this is the poem
i’ve been waiting for

4. handshake across shellacked table
names that have repeated themselves
across town
for years now

5. salad pileup
this is the kitchen dance

6. sweating it out
heartthud marking the overlap of cold and heat

7. celestial fragments
thin and distant
across summer sky
i offer the arc of this body
in gratitude

8. wobbly cart farm
arriving in corrinne’s arms
waxed cardboard box
garlic scapes

9. bee body
curled into death
vulnerable skin

10. how i
around tender ears

11. the irony
of wearing a tshirt
that reads
it’s better topless

held inside an eggshell

1. dancefloor black eye
blooming blue
i have to laugh

2. yesterday’s apron
laid out flat over wire rack
drying in today’s sun

3. for your writing
jon says
pointing to multicolored layers
of carrot
cut into 3 gallon clear plastic
variation on a theme
of sediment rock

4. dyanne as carrier pigeon
from prep table to counter
get it while you can
homework exchange

5. checkoff marks on cleanup list
compost emptied, buckets rinsed
cooling racks cleared
descendents serenading
i been thinking good good things about you

6. red three quarter length sleeves
under sleeveless black hoodie
whiteblue bike
how we laugh
at garfield and alberta
stopping traffic
with this reunion
both times

7. held inside an eggshell
murmury quiet and warm
adoration passing through permeable membrane

8. typewritten document
yellow paper
worthy of re-reading
multiple times

9. joanna’s relentless mission to keep
the spirit tiger of love

under early light of solstice sun

1. driveway
8:50 am
bike leaning into molly’s truck
stealing stretches
under early light
of solstice sun

2. sky
thickening and brightening
thickening and brightening
thickening and brightening
through rectangle of
kitchen back door

3. oven rack knuckle burn
how skin turns shiny
from metal heated to 350 degrees

4. finally washed the ocean
out of this hair

5. georgia o’keefe’s tasty treats
nestled into
date halves
arranged impressively
on astrology plate
cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg
shaved coconut

6. homemade gingerade toast
in crystal punch glass

fun times

new eyes

7. sun casting itself in gold
over lacy’s face
day of longest light
lit like a match

8. los angeles
land of the aura botox

9. loves old sweet song
voice making passage
across timelines
ghosts of the 1920’s on a riverbank
climbing out daphna’s mouth
sassy shack living room
my heart squealybursting
under erica’s