while i am putting work out as a writer/artist/creator, it’s important for me to provide space which enables you to do the same.
enables you to create/respond/share.
active, not passive.
participate, not spectate.
i am dedicating this space to you, readers/audience, for such purposes.
here, i will ask you questions and give you homework assignments. you will be able to answer/respond/turn in your homework by leaving it all in the reply section.

to locate your questions/homework, find the ‘i believe in collaboration’ list in the right column on this screen. you will find them under ‘interactivity’. click on ‘leave a reply’ to participate. you don’t have to have a wordpress account to respond, just an email address.

come. collaborate with me.

10 Replies to “interactivity”

  1. small waffles in unmade hands,
    create disturbances in smaller places.
    her arms are pedestals,
    and her heart long island ice tea.
    my maker is unmade as well as the bed
    that wants to crawl in when the world becomes
    horseshoes and iron monuments to men dead.
    it is here hollow tool shed memoriam of gilded age.
    take me to sea to cast out the sin.

  2. your poetry is more complex than my own, but i ‘read between the lines’, i see the images you paint. i understand some of them. my poor acuity holds its breath, stands a little way off. it will gain, be enhanced, by your rich narrative.

  3. i read your collection of details often…it is a ‘favorite’ on my computer at work…which is really the only computer i call ‘mine’…and quite possibly some thing i spend more time with than any other thing in my life…which is a fucked up reality…but that’s far less important than why i read it…which is that i really admire your writing…and i was going to ask lester to tell you…not that i admire your writing…but about this BookARTS exhibition that i thought you and/or people you know and/or people who read this might be interested in and this is the only way i know how to get ahold of you directly…

    so…if you can make it, spread the word, or offer up something for folks pining to see amazing things…here it is…
    the exhibition is up now and will run a little while but the opening event is this saturday…

    BookArts Student Exhibition
    OPENING EVENT: Saturday, February 2, 2013, 6:00 PM – 9:00PM
    @ Studio Maureen and the Gallery Next Door
    2963 Beech Street
    San Diego, CA
    This art exhibit presses upon the boundaries of what it is to be a book, through a variety of structures, materials and medium. Come and enjoy!

    1. yvonne!!!! unexpected and delightful to hear from you!!! i completely missed the opening (but passed the word along) because i was at a poetry reading. lester says he’s going to take me to see your piece. i’m super excited for this. (ask him for my number or email for further communicating! i think i asked him for yours but it was a bust.) i want to see your work!!!

  4. 8 am sunday chimayo –
    step to the gate
    piercing light 3 black mesas
    where there aren’t
    step from the gate
    then there weren’t.

    kind of you to notice…

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