parched is only an association

anthony wears palepink button up shirts and ties
anthony sometimes carries a hello kitty lunchbox
anthony and i collide in the hallway that ends
just before it splits off into two bathrooms
one with a triangleĀ  dresswoman icon in a blue circle
and one with a blocky stickman icon in a blue triangle

90 san diego degrees
biking west while attempting to
nosebreath only
this desert dryness plus radiating metal
hunks hurtling
exhuast heat
is to lick these lips
while pedalingĀ  into clothes dryer air
is only
an association

west to east
palm tree to palm tree
heels to boots
coast to coast
the lioness in gold light
awaiting you
with wrinkled hands
and arms opened to your homecoming
home being a place that sometimes travels with you
home being a place that moves wherever your mom moves
home being a place that exists as many points on one map always

and other forms of caffeine
may be the only needle
to pierce this
allergy hazecloud

one raggedy lion and a mouse
hitching out on the freight train of sleep
i keep my ears turned
towards the open window
for that whistle to wind through

oh, and otis,
right back at ya:
i don’t know what you got baby
but you’re so good to me

it’s true
i didn’t lose anyone in the world trade center takedown
but i have lost
shreds of family
in at least three wars
and this
is most likely inflammatory
but i cannot help
after imagesearching
but think
how beautiful
the curve of his eyebrows
how generous
the shape of his lightly smiling mouth