in the shade under

the flecks of rainbow
scattered across the desk as i write this
morning light moving through prism

and he’s everywhere on the court, people!  i call out
in my commentator voice as emory and i shoot hoops in the gravel road/driveway
and emory says it (‘everywhere’) sounds like ’emorywhere’ 
so i keep announcing saying
emorywhere is emorywhere on the court, people! it’s amazing!

too cold  i say of the pond
but before i know it, emory and i are floating
around on the huge innertube and then
each of us on our own tube tossing
the basketball
splashing in the water

the quart of dried persimmons
(harvested from this very land a year or two ago)
that darien passes around at the weekly meeting
taking place in the shade
under the cedar tree
dottie and i joking in the early-night kitchen
about salted butter as an ancient grain, a superfood

Cars are submerged in a flooded road as heavy rainfall hits Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China. – voice of america, day in photos


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