none of us expected

how none of us expected the rain this morning
and so we work through til soaked
finishing our swooping-in on the weeds in beds 5 and 6 of south garden, soon to feature tomatoes and tomatillos
two irises plucked from
the root cellar mound
one light yellow with little maroon markings
and one the lightest purple
and white
each smelling lightly
and different from each other
today’s tree frog sighting count:
one perched on a post near the water catchment barrels outside the greenhouse
and one perched on the lid of a one gallon bucket hanging from a post
outside my door
lemon laws iuval says about, at least in new york,
laws that protect car buyers from a lemony situation
which it seems we might have gotten ourselves into
(after dropping a huge wad of cash on a hybrid,
the car, on the 2 hour drive home, illuminates its engine light and gives a message to
pull over immediatley and while i crack jokes about it all
that amount of cash involved makes it a shitty situation)
lowering the 
young parsley grown from seed down
into the mulched earth
and just by the way it roots
i get the message that it doesn’t particularly like
being transplanted
how i run to the front steps to thumbs-up emory
who’s driving the sitting mower with cynthia
for the first time ever
the sight of which is pretty much all too cute
emory in his green shirt
thumbs-upping back
stepping out onto scrappy rag rug (which actually is a mat of last year’s weave cut off the maypole) with bare feet in the moon-brightened night
and feeling the warm spot on aforementioned rag rug
where mama cat was just curled before i opened the door to step out

almost cartoon-like,
the baby squirrels peeking their faces out over head
from the place where there’s a little rodent crawlspace under the metal roof and on top of
the ceiling
cartoon-like because of how they peer together, first two faces peeking out (one on top of the other) then three then four
and cartoon like because of how they creep out one by one and then
scramble, colliding, to get back in
and how this repeats itself over and over
as i crane my pained neck up from
the porch of my dwelling


in case, if for some reason, you’ve forgotten about what’s his face – well, he’s still the president, apparently
and here are some things that went down today under his rule

(taken from

 The EPA dismissed half of its scientific advisers on a review board, which provides guidance on whether research has sufficient rigor and integrity. The move, which Scott Pruitt cited as his desire to make a “clean break” with the Obama administration, came as a surprise to members of the board, who had been informed both in January and recently by EPA career staff members, that they would be kept on for another term. (Washington Post / New York Times)

An Idaho congressman told his constituents “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.” The republican representative drew criticism after a town hall where he responded to a question suggesting that the lack of health care was essentially asking people to die. (Idaho Statesman)

The Texas governor signed a “sanctuary cities” ban into law while broadcasting on Facebook Live. The measure threatens law-enforcement officials with jail time if they don’t cooperate with federal agencies in cracking down on undocumented immigrants. Dubbed a “Show Me Your Papers” law, it allows police to inquire about a person’s immigration status, which has been condemned by Democrats and human-rights groups as legalized discrimination. (Texas Observer)


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