we are in the sunlight

6something a.m.
what i think is a bright flash
passing through eyelids
not sure until
a rumble of thunder offers confirmation
the crackle of chiles
while they tumble around open flame
in a rotating metal mesh barrel
signs announcing free tea
attached to a small school bus converted
into a mobile tea kitchen/parlor
that runs on veggie oil
one man stops by
signs the guestbook
mentions how he has returned to vietnam
(the very place he was 50 years ago)
to teach english
his smile showing us
how much he loves his work
it’s illegal to harvest rainwater in colorado
because it takes business away
from the water company
says the woman whose name i forget
cupping her hands around
a cup of vanilla rooibos tea
in the couch-nap dream
ami says she can’t get that song
(hey micki, you’re so fine
you’re so fine you lose my mind)
out of her head
referring to the name of the dog
she’s taking care of
we are in the sunlight of a
living room in chimayo
unkinking my back
on teal yoga mat
ramones playing in the background
i want you around

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