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the silver shining

the silver shining streak
cutting diagonally across the sky over me
while i lay, pre-sunset and post-dinner
on the flat concrete of the cistern’s surface
birdie the cat curled on my chest

from the water world:

Children jump into Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait, Turkey. – voice of America, day in photos.


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taksim gezi park, we are with you

eyes on istanbuland what some people are saying could be the beginning
of a turkish spring

taksim gezi park, we are with you





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11gp12\ 11gp13


photos from here (heads up, graphic photo if you click on that page)

heads up:
this video gets graphic/intense (woman on ground shot in head with tear gas canister) but it is real


occupygezi tumblr
(again, let it be known, these images are the real deal, definitely some bloody and documenting violence/injury therefore, may be triggering)

and an open letter to the rest of the world from istanbul with more bloody and graphic images about getting the word out to and through the media

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