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these old buildings

in the dream
two floorboards slipped under my feet
at the base of the smallcouch in my room
two floorboards i never knew were loose
giving way

sliding open to just enough of a view
of the crawlspace that i never knew was under my feet
(the result of vaulted ceilings? covered up?
these old buildings, yknow...)
slid apart just enough to catch sight
of someone’s hand
in that dust-gray dirt space
that hadn’t been touched
for decades
and a slight glimpse
of the rest of the body attached
in the dream
i removed the carnivalesque stuffed animals
(crunchy, not soft, upon squeezing)
hanging from my wall
that someone else left behind
in the dream i noticed for the first time
on the yellow wall a cubby hole
small and almost arched like those built in for phones
a note in someone else’s handwriting no longer relevant
in the dream
girl visitors in the next room
in wicker furniture-beige
there was something about those girls
can’t remember what but
i think they were leaning
were laughing too loud
in the dream, a spider plant with wide thin leaves
in the dream i think i begin to associate the waking life gut-pinch
with all this
in the dream
i don’t yet speak about the hand
haven’t quite put the floorboards back
but don’t want to look again
in the dream i will wait until the girls leave
to move back towards the dislocated floorboards
preferably not alone


the grief is long
from here
i say
something spread across every day
not acute
but a long arc
from here til the horizon


shelby and i
slice the summer cool air
under hot sun
on the hills spilling into balboa park
with the lip of a red frisbee
we have to choose:
barefoot (beesting)
or tennis shoes (suffocation)
3548 i think
is the garfield address (minneapolis)
where my sister and i lived in the same apartment building
and would walk
four blocks
to the park
a frisbee in one of our hands
flick it across the field
til my wrist hurt
i know september is not far off
but i miss her anyway
which makes me think of this song

ice cubes crackle in mason jar glasses
of water in white-tiled kitchen


no, let’s not talk face to face
i joke
when you get here, let’s sit in far-apart rooms
and send emails back and forth
and i am laughing so hard
the kind of laughing people do
at the first semi-funny joke that invites them to
not because it is all that hilarious
but because
there is a roar inside pounding to get out


from a radiolab podcast
regarding the ocean-wars seen from outer space:
and along comes this diamond-shaped virus  attacking occolithophores
so many that you can actually see this sort of carnage from space
massive blooms that cover almost the whole of the north atlantic
vast swirls of milky water curling around islands and continents


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