patched with pink

the gray and the clouds
making all the green glow
as i poke re-bar posts into the wet earth
and tie the sunflowers (some leaning, some standing right up) to them
how the cow across the fence
is close but not close enough to eat the tall grass from my hand
that i plucked from the edamame bed
but when i toss the blades over the fence
the black/white cow bends down
to chew chew chew chomp

the light that breaks out of the sky
that has been filled with moody and fast moving clouds
all day (gray on gray or sometimes
white on grayblue or sometimes
grayblue on darker grayblue)
every now and then
a bright and luminous ray
in an hour or so over tacos
kyle and mandy and jennifer and i manage
to create an ongoing joke or two
having to do with playing the piano/keyboard
at organic valley farms
and kylie minogue (and carly simon)
and witnessing authentic movement in the bathroom
and the park-a-parka startup
where one heading from a frosty climate
to a hot climate
can check their jacket at the airport and one
heading from a warm climate
to a frosty one
can check out a parka that one has left behind
(well, jennifer actually made that idea up,
but we all carried on with it well)
the red blinking of the lights
attached to our bikes as we pedal
back up the hill
bright sky patched with pink to our right
and dark sky made of layers of rain
to our left
from the water world:

Evangeline Garcia paddles a boat-load of piglets to safety at a flooded village in Quezon city, metropolitan Manila, Philippines. Southwest monsoon rains brought about by a tropical storm continue to flood parts of the metropolitan and provinces causing school and work suspensions. – day in photos, voice of america


weaving a trellis

the rhythm grub hoe moving through tomato patch
liberating the plants from the hold of the clover
the rhythm of the T-post driver
against the T-posts
as i pound them into the tomato rows
for winding baling twine around
weaving a trellis
the humidity of the day showing up
in sweat
on my face
the lightning in the north
sending us back up the road
from our mailbox wandering
the sprigs of mint i collect
from the patch in front of the tool shed
and rinse and drop
into glasses of water
post sunset
how the sky seems all one flat gray
until the lightning shows us
the cloud edges it snakes behind
from the water world:

A boy uses an improvised raft to maneuver through the floodwater after incessant rainfall in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

this nest is never

how it is an exercise
in slow movement:
transporting the 3/4-waterfilled buckets
in the rattly  cart
over the bumps and down the declines
to bring the garden
some rain
the glow of the solar light jar lids
radiating out the sun energy they collected by day
and the endless experiments/variations
on how to fill them/use them
all the ouches from brushing hair
for the first time in perhaps ten days
this nest is never (even after brushed)
something someone can run their hands through

the real thing is better

shirley on the sitting lawnmower
paused and looking up into the trees telling me
how she likes to stop to listen to the birds
and how this one she could hear over the mower
the basket woven from last year’s willow
that i carry down to the garden empty
and carry back up
filled with green
(arugula, spinach, chard, kale)
if you have never looked
at a blooming milkweed flower closeup
i recommend you should
and make sure to smell it while you’re at it
here’s a sneak peek
but the real thing is even better:

(photo taken from here)
the candle throwing its glow about us
as she speaks of the terrifying news
around immigration and border issues
including the u.s. planning migrant tent camps
on military bases
the chill of it enough to cool us
on an 80 degree night
the chill of it enough to be winter
if winter decides on not coming this year
which it very well could

too pink to name

i’m uncertain
if i’ll be wanted anywhere
e says

telling me about just starting seminary school
to be a pastor
and as a queer
she worries she might not be wanted
so i write her a poem
that says how much she is needed
and how when she lands with the right community
they won’t realize how deeply they longed for her
until she arrives
noa bouncing in the seafoam / mint tealblue booth
of viroqua’s new mexican restaurant
while we each take turns being
the interrupting cow
the deep blueblack
of driftless hills to the east
as seen from the highways we pedal down
blueblack turned bluerblacker
through the tint of my shades
the squeak of a garage door rolling slowly up
of the house whose address is 666 (washington st)
as we pedal past
the bunny
dangling by the neck in the grip
of graycat’s sharp teeth
and how the adorable bunny body bounce bounce bounces
as graycat trots across the grass
too hot and too pink to name
the sun setting sends a shock
of neon-adjacent color
across the northern horizon
from west to east
while jennifer grubhoes away
at the impossible weeds and i plant edamame round three

grayberry sky

gray kitty passed out on the porch
in the rising heat of the day
while the air conditioner at the neighbor’s place
hums and whirs and whines
electric raspberry streaks
across a grayberry/blueberry patch of sky
in the west where the sun sets
while i bring water to the babies
and  jennifer digs out the weeds

start giving yourself permission

the flowers i gather to put in water in a vase
back up at the trailer:
purple flowering clover
wild daisies
various wild grasses
one stem of gigantic bright red daylilies
one stem of hot pink sweet williams
the smallest roar, the biggest zing
of a hummingbird torpedoing across the garden field
first from east to west
then from west to east
while i work a hoe
through the short grasses and purslane
the small trowel holes i dig into which i lower
bachelor buttons
and cosmos
while the chronically sinus infected kitten
(white with some black and brown and gray patches)
darthvader breaths as she climbs up
onto my back,
the small bell on her worn out red sparkle collar
frankie he almost yells at me and it feels right/good
you don’t have to work that hard!
start giving yourself permission

from the water world:

A boy uses a tire tube to swim in New Delhi, India. – voice of america, day in photos