giving name to

double disc!!! i call out
while stacking two discs on
top of each other and tossing simultaneously
to emory and zane in the morning-wet field

killdeer mica says
giving name to
yesterday’s inland seabird
who-are-you moment

yesterday’s looks like a fire-smoke sky commentary
affirmed by today’s baigz-report of
saskatchewan wildfires raging
and their haze drifting south

wheels as tall as three of us
standing on each others’ shoulders
have you seen the machines

i ask baigz who mentioned tar sands
looks like another planet he replies
talking of the tailing ponds
neighbor angela unveiling
a loaf of warm sesame-seeded squishy bread
as she unwraps it from a white-with-blue-stripe towel
first cabbage of the season
i say as i name the
coleslaw component of dinner
set out on the butcher block

pitcher of trish-made
lemon balm, holy basil, peppermint
“iced” tea from which i pour
my dinner beverage

mica looking out across
wheat field assessing its
based on a closeup look at
the grains and also the way
the wheat heads are nodding
(unidentifiable) bird of prey
i point out perched atop
electric wire pole
screech-caw drawing my attention
from the water world:
People watch as water gushes from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir section on the Yellow River, during a sand-washing operation in Jiyuan, Henan province
. voice of america, day in photos

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 10.54.33 PM
Students walk on a makeshift bridge as they enter their dormitory building which is partially submerged by floodwater, at a university campus after heavy rainfall hit Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China. – REUTERS/Stringer


ear-muffled ting!/thud of
post-pounder meets T-post
in the tomato beds
sweat beading at edges of
yellow plastic ear muffs
sexy bitch sunglasses
tyler reports the purchase
not made at dog and gun
just before presenting a
one-dollar typewriter to trish
at five dollars i say it seems
like the idea of them (the sunglasses)
is better than the actual thing
tookie’s post-lunch doughnut delivery
we split the powdered and filled
(blackberry, cherry and creme)
things in half
and chomp

with tiny tweezers i pull
tiny tick off upper outside thigh

never give up!!!! ted calls
from the far end of the field
as i tail june into the endzone
but not close enough
drizzle drops landing on
pond surface
mica and i observe
the water collision beading effect
we toss in a joke about silicone

toon’s teal toenails
and the contrast/complement
of bright red blood
(must have scraped myself)
blooming near his ankle
flock of kids on
pond dock diving
kartwheeling and
straight-up tipping over and falling
into murky and refreshing water below
rumply bumpy swamp-cuteness
in the form of a throat-pulsing
sand/mud-covered toad
outside my window
under overhang

just out of the oven
home-made bagel
sliced into pieces with a
dollop of butter on the side
set on porch table-bench for
post dinner sample feast

our skin we

greenhouse de-con crew
removing the last of the plaster from
earthen-bag stacks
trish insists
on the party speaker
and we work-dance
beginning with yeah

watermelon gum/ricola/post-tooth-brush
flavored kiss

pre-lunch liana’s
tattoo shop open
for business at
side-yard picnic table
an array of temporary dinosaurs
frogs and race cars offered
wrapped around white pine
trunk our limbs take on
black sap smudges
the sun shimmering
our skin we
lean in

half my age i say
of renay who i chase
up/down the ultimate field

lowering ourselves
into innertube opening where
we mime i-love-yous
maintaining somewhat-secrecy
amidst the pond flotilla

how we carry
scent is one way
of remembering

you can pick him
up sparky says
of the white baby (several
weeks old) goat
named cream
whose soft mowhawk
(running the length
of his spine) i pet
with my hand

cricket the cutest
rat terrier with
perfectly placed spots
perched in mica’s bike basket
while we pedal the missouri
gravel and non-gravel hills
in sea-foam face paint
(mica’s = tendrils and angles
mine = a single assymetrical stripe)

i had to keep myself
i say from chasing
your car down
that dirt road
gibbous meowing
through window screen
and perhaps against my
better judgement
i let him and his entourage
(ashby) in

from the water world:
Children play in a water fountain just outside Jerusalem’s Old City. A heatwave settled over Israel with temperatures reaching near 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit), according to Israel’s Metereological Service. – voice of america, day in photos

to locate the fruits

buildings and bridges lyrics in my head
are made to bend in the wind while i
arc black currant bush branches
to locate the fruits
berries splashed in sun so i can see
which ones are dark enough to pluck
and which ones still have some ripening to do
remembering cassis
flavor of vancouver / quebec
the building and the unravelling


8am dew still on
the field we toss
discs before we line
up in sixes
on opposite ends
(i end up catching about as many
as i end up not catching)

backfloating in the pond
this is the prize i think
skystaring in cool (but not too cold) water
sun on my skin


metallic clink/clunking
ice cubes in thermos
filled with stawberry black raspberry fruit beer (water kefir) soda


i cheer the water kefir with a song
that i don’t recall
but darien adds a verse/chorus
wherein he rhymes quota with soda


sun so hot
the pads of my feet burn
on the black sandal foot-beds
heat sneaking in, scorchy
wherever toes and heel aren’t


multi-stamped envelope
from michigan
with tc tolbert’s book gephyromania
sealed inside


she’s a writer joseph says
in that cocky silly way that i sometimes do
after i do something with words
that’s not even that impressive
but still some kind of funny/witty
(what if you were always in the background
or standing next to me
just so you could chime in and say that
every time i make a pun or a rhyme or
something witty with words i joke
laughing at the image)


tell all the queers i say hi i joke with trish
(who’s headed to queerbomb in st louis this weekend)
while i empty the ice cubes
frozen strawberries
a little bit of cream
and water
into the food processor
as the blender has gone missing
(which is kindof a joke
but also a wistful missing)


booty summer i call it (bring it on)
booty life trish proposes
laughing about auto tune and justin timberlake
and that song trish’s neighbor’s would always crank
(you a bad bitch, you a bad bitch)
which reminds me of living next to dee
who owned a’s towing
(called a’s towing, becuase it would be the first name
to show up in the phone book)
and had a car alarm that ran through a succession of sounds
that would go off everytime the car was looked at
or everytime a cat landed on its hood
and the story about shiz
running over
to open the tow truck door
to turn down the music
that had been throbbing audiencelessly
for what felt like hours
the magic and story of a portland dead-end porch
lined with couches
circa 2006


from the water world:

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 5.27.28 PM
A man wades out to help a driver in a partially submerged car in Fort Worth, Texas, following heavy rain.
– bbc news, day in pictures

An Israeli firefighter douses houses as he works to extinguish a forest fire in Jerusalem
. Picture: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun


by bark, by leaf

wet ingredients in one stainless steel bowl
(honey, maple, oil, vanilla, apple sauce)
dry ingredients in the other
(oats, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, salt, wheat bran)
and then i massage in the peanut butter
(due to forgetting to add it to the wet before whisking and mixing)
alaska in winter playing low on the stereo

small jar of olives rachel brought back from morocco
shining on the picnic table set out in the sun
on one of the last nice days

rachel, mica, tony and i
tromping across the damp but not too wet field
to visit the fallen red oak
(that mica chainsawed some rounds off of the other day)
that landed (unusually) away from the creek

rachel and tony identify
by bark
by leaf
various varieties of tree

red oaks:(the ones whose leafs with pointy bristles)
shingle oak
pin oak
white oaks

bitternut hickory
shagbark hickory
shellbarck hickory



and an ash


we pass around a tiny bunch of tiny (wild) grapes
the burst of sweetness from such a small thing
the burst of purple between my fingers
between my teeth


we could make/sell corn puffs
brand-named “dick’s”
tony suggests at the wheel of the red toyota truck

and thanks to pop culture
all the advertising has already been done for us
i chime in
ten of us
chase a frisbee up and down the field
until the sun spills red
along the horizon


administering medicine to granola the cat
(a capsule opened up
powder shaken onto wet cat food)
in the leftover light after  sunset
the silence of this time of day
stunning and still


mica lounging across from me on the couch matching the one i’m perched at
tells me about red oak decline
which sounds slower
but just as sad as
all the stumps left in the wakeof dutch elm disease


these old buildings

in the dream
two floorboards slipped under my feet
at the base of the smallcouch in my room
two floorboards i never knew were loose
giving way

sliding open to just enough of a view
of the crawlspace that i never knew was under my feet
(the result of vaulted ceilings? covered up?
these old buildings, yknow...)
slid apart just enough to catch sight
of someone’s hand
in that dust-gray dirt space
that hadn’t been touched
for decades
and a slight glimpse
of the rest of the body attached
in the dream
i removed the carnivalesque stuffed animals
(crunchy, not soft, upon squeezing)
hanging from my wall
that someone else left behind
in the dream i noticed for the first time
on the yellow wall a cubby hole
small and almost arched like those built in for phones
a note in someone else’s handwriting no longer relevant
in the dream
girl visitors in the next room
in wicker furniture-beige
there was something about those girls
can’t remember what but
i think they were leaning
were laughing too loud
in the dream, a spider plant with wide thin leaves
in the dream i think i begin to associate the waking life gut-pinch
with all this
in the dream
i don’t yet speak about the hand
haven’t quite put the floorboards back
but don’t want to look again
in the dream i will wait until the girls leave
to move back towards the dislocated floorboards
preferably not alone


the grief is long
from here
i say
something spread across every day
not acute
but a long arc
from here til the horizon


shelby and i
slice the summer cool air
under hot sun
on the hills spilling into balboa park
with the lip of a red frisbee
we have to choose:
barefoot (beesting)
or tennis shoes (suffocation)
3548 i think
is the garfield address (minneapolis)
where my sister and i lived in the same apartment building
and would walk
four blocks
to the park
a frisbee in one of our hands
flick it across the field
til my wrist hurt
i know september is not far off
but i miss her anyway
which makes me think of this song

ice cubes crackle in mason jar glasses
of water in white-tiled kitchen


no, let’s not talk face to face
i joke
when you get here, let’s sit in far-apart rooms
and send emails back and forth
and i am laughing so hard
the kind of laughing people do
at the first semi-funny joke that invites them to
not because it is all that hilarious
but because
there is a roar inside pounding to get out


from a radiolab podcast
regarding the ocean-wars seen from outer space:
and along comes this diamond-shaped virus  attacking occolithophores
so many that you can actually see this sort of carnage from space
massive blooms that cover almost the whole of the north atlantic
vast swirls of milky water curling around islands and continents