anticipations of edge-riding

1. scents:
lime zest
1 pound of basil
lilies in the walk in

2. the destructiveness
of the power
of comparison

3. anticipations
of edge-riding

4. molly’s sticky rice
with mango
for breakfast

5. two tigerlilies
strapped to bike
losing petals
downhill and northbound

6. when the wind
sounds like rain

7. sister stays home
we will light candles
save your spot
reach through time zones to feel you there

8. gillian welch
patty griffin
good company
for this work-sore body

9. sleep sweetly takes over

i offer the arc of this body

1. missed bus dreams

2. one sun salutation
grateful limbs

3. wanna see the world
in high definition?
asa hands me sunglasses
that turn everything golden
tree leaves
this is the poem
i’ve been waiting for

4. handshake across shellacked table
names that have repeated themselves
across town
for years now

5. salad pileup
this is the kitchen dance

6. sweating it out
heartthud marking the overlap of cold and heat

7. celestial fragments
thin and distant
across summer sky
i offer the arc of this body
in gratitude

8. wobbly cart farm
arriving in corrinne’s arms
waxed cardboard box
garlic scapes

9. bee body
curled into death
vulnerable skin

10. how i
around tender ears

11. the irony
of wearing a tshirt
that reads
it’s better topless

held inside an eggshell

1. dancefloor black eye
blooming blue
i have to laugh

2. yesterday’s apron
laid out flat over wire rack
drying in today’s sun

3. for your writing
jon says
pointing to multicolored layers
of carrot
cut into 3 gallon clear plastic
variation on a theme
of sediment rock

4. dyanne as carrier pigeon
from prep table to counter
get it while you can
homework exchange

5. checkoff marks on cleanup list
compost emptied, buckets rinsed
cooling racks cleared
descendents serenading
i been thinking good good things about you

6. red three quarter length sleeves
under sleeveless black hoodie
whiteblue bike
how we laugh
at garfield and alberta
stopping traffic
with this reunion
both times

7. held inside an eggshell
murmury quiet and warm
adoration passing through permeable membrane

8. typewritten document
yellow paper
worthy of re-reading
multiple times

9. joanna’s relentless mission to keep
the spirit tiger of love

under early light of solstice sun

1. driveway
8:50 am
bike leaning into molly’s truck
stealing stretches
under early light
of solstice sun

2. sky
thickening and brightening
thickening and brightening
thickening and brightening
through rectangle of
kitchen back door

3. oven rack knuckle burn
how skin turns shiny
from metal heated to 350 degrees

4. finally washed the ocean
out of this hair

5. georgia o’keefe’s tasty treats
nestled into
date halves
arranged impressively
on astrology plate
cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg
shaved coconut

6. homemade gingerade toast
in crystal punch glass

fun times

new eyes

7. sun casting itself in gold
over lacy’s face
day of longest light
lit like a match

8. los angeles
land of the aura botox

9. loves old sweet song
voice making passage
across timelines
ghosts of the 1920’s on a riverbank
climbing out daphna’s mouth
sassy shack living room
my heart squealybursting
under erica’s

articulations of hope

1. can you locate me
in this orbit?

2. seventeen minutes
of sad
saturday morning special
leave your cloak on the hook
haunted woman
and rest

3. dredging the flats of numbness
charting the course of the day
and i arrive

4. sidewalk chalk spheres
thick red
bryant street pedestrian bridge

5. magic of the wordpiles
stringing together language
infused with working definitions
of love

6. revisiting bella’s hair
prisoner hands digging
how the dead travel through living bodies
the power of reversal

7. long awaited introduction
to grant park statue
of ramona quimby
hugging her short bronze frame
from behind
avoiding fountain spray

8. frosting on faces
greased into hair
smeared over clothes
nicoletta’s cupcake-covered laugh
champagne’s wig thrown to ground
helium voices
pony’s wet fountain body

9. strawberry crisp
warm on stove
wooden spoonfuls
sweet sugarcrunch

10. across the room
from naomi
reporting the weekend
holding the only moment that mattered
articulations of hope
conviction as reassurance

11. portland frump-core
lacy and i represent
glitterblack striped socks

12. walk through park leading to wall of mirrors
elbow to eyebrow
frozen butter pat
to ease the swelling

you will feel home soon

[please note, for those of you who follow this on the daily, i have filled in the once absent posts from the 13th to the 17th!]

1. novelty of rain
in mid-june
laughing with wet arms
and spotted shirts

2. tiny red poppy
blooming in front porch flower box
i grew this

3. in for a ride on the sugarwagon

4. james schools us
atop the heartbeet
how high heat
denatures proteins
everything disintegrates

5. ellen’s voice
tin can on delay
how i’d love to explore
the flatirons with you

6. cold feet
gray sweater
you will feel home soon

7. flatlands
stretched out from here to forever
sitting with self
though i want to run
towards heat
towards light

8. death
not as in dead
but as in transformation


1. yesterday’s ocean sun
warming today’s pink skin
cooled with cucumber aloe vera

2. early afternoon poetry request
cabbage hearts warmed under cold frames
salty cliff faces stretched tall above the aegean

3. wildflowers in water on stainless steel
and mystery
whoever says that flowers are a waste of land
should have seen my face
at 8am

4. white backyard blooms
sweet smell
thrown-open door
this alone saves me

5. daily steroid infusions
my sister’s limbs
lesions on spine
enter the second ache of
leaning towards
from the the west coast
her voice
a wave

6. tom yum soup
white rice
shallow pan
blue flame

7. fifteen push-ups
hardwood floor
wrist says no
heart says yes

8. heartwork
lucky boy

9. i was built in the 1970’s
they don’t make ’em like this anymore

10. click of double dutch ropes
on asphalt
arms wrapped around self
first defense against goosebumps