candle-lit kiss buffet

1. awake at nine
though the day really starts
with bluegrass
in semi-sunny kitchen
sounds coming out of speakers
next to roasted roots
feels like the farm
heart tugs

2. sun comes through at 1:30
beckoning us riverward

3. bruisey souvenirs surfacing
so slight
it’s only i
who sees them

4. pink yoga ball
back porch
perched and bouncing
motion coaxing the tiredness away

5. volvo
forest bound
housing three conversations at once:
scillia for balance
bone bits
sleeping in another soldier-in-training’s bed

6. winged things:
a. hugeness of blue heron
wings spread out over us
downwards fakeout spintwist
b. kingfisher
long beak over slow-moving water
c. that bird call
i’ve been asking everyone about
that sounds like upward spirals

7. jumping in
on the count of three
we welcome the splash of watercold
then press
to flat rock
radiant with sun

8. asha
t-shirt wrapped
won’t leave open wound alone

9. out of the six of us
i’m the only one
whose neither parent
went to college

10. black slip
draped from thin branch
in last patch of sun

11. lesson:
gravel roads
slow movement

12. riding home in the way back
road spilling out behind us
consistency of double yellow line
that moves in curves
body memory of comacho’s station wagon
pop-up backwards facing
cousins at my sides

13. sunset spilling everywhere
gilding faces
road signs
tree lines
river water
in generous gold

14. gorgeous
bluered mess
piled in tumbling circles
on plate

15. if we spin the bottle hard enough
it might cut through the nerves

16. candle-lit kiss buffet

17. salsa practice
in pink light
one two three
one two three
one two three
one two three

langauge is the way i fall in love with myself over and over again

1. salt
spilled into mini mountain
cresting on kitchen floor

2. david, can you get me something
cold and sweet to drink?

3. flashback:
streets of chicago
the adventure of not knowing

4. day of sounds:
a. metal of spoon and spatula
against wire rack
metal of grill
curve of pan

b. church bell
and ice cream truck
this is some john cage shit

c. booty funk jams
blasting from rib restaurant
turns movement
under summer sun

5. tarot moments
at dining room table
birth card
love as a source of strength
questions of purpose

6. twin hankies
tied around necks
striking moon calls us in

7. dance lessons
involving lots of hip
on sidewalk
something dominican

8. west coast time
because i fumble

9. language is the way
i fall in love with myself
and over again

the body a version of humming

1. transformation of inanimate landscape
campus tennis court
turned parking lot
turned basketball court

2. day of workers:
stop and slow sign holding
scrapers held to patch of wall
shammies in quick hands blessing long lines of cars
green polo of park ranger

3. great discovery of summer 2009:
with those who spend days on their feet
and the element of water

4. roar and terror of car wash
blue brushes spin
turbo dryer pushing water across windshield
jessica and i
laughing hard
in the front seats
as car is ushered forward

5. forest park
the benefits of
bilateral movement

6. ne 7th and prescott
catalpa tree blossoms
scattered across green windshield
maroon spots
gold strip
white petal

7. nine pm
the sky all kinds of pink
the air a type of humid
the body a version of humming

8. live and direct from julianstown
the curse of distance
assembly of letters to form words
into an imitation of open hands
and suggestion of strong arms

9. social events calendar throwdown:
in one corner; spin the bottle at the secret garden
in the other; two-stepping for dyanne’s 30th birthday

10. sore spots on limbs
where your teeth sank in

day of disarmament

1. waking
but not raw
curled and warm
against curve of shoulder
legs tangled

2. performance art
knife and fork
greens of garden cut up into omlette
sweet potato french toast

3. soundtrack breakdown at breakfast table

4. observation:
how you
operate from the mind
how i
operate from the heart
providing hope
for great collaborations

5. fist
to break
the eggshell armor
of your heart

6. going away bruises
on special order

7. day of disarmament
let’s build a memorial

8. alleyways of the undiscovered
alberta park swings
how portland at 9pm
is similar
to 3am alaskan light
corinne and i discover
weeping tree of curled leaves

9. immobilization
and weight
of thick
rendered useless
blame the barometer

10. secret garden turns makeout mansion
summer 2009
let it loose

11. hot chamomile tea
lavender sprigs behind molly’s ear
saturday riverswimming strategies discussed

the body as an apology

1. black star sweatshirt
maroon short shorts
i lie rivernaked
while you firebuild

2. the body
as an apology

3. exposed ankles
curve of bones
the itch mosquitoes leave

4. flame-lifted and glowing
lantern balloons
rising into moonless sky
we cheer in response
cannot help but hold our hearts in our throats
for this improvisation of magic

5. heart-stop under coldsplash
hold dry towel open
i am stunned and thundering

6. ice cream on the highway
for dinner
nim chow plus sunset
for dessert
pass that dandelion ‘butterscotch’ wine
around this way again

7. the tragedy
of heirloom tomato slices slipping
with avocado and sharp cheddar
onto asphalt

8. tiniest triangles
of toddler shoulder blades
poking out
under thinnest blonde hair

9. how flesh pinks
with such heat
steam rises from earth

10. race against slow dip of sun
into clouded sky line

11. clackamas
a re-visitation
transferring river cool through flesh
to marrow

12. green looming forest hears me marvel
at doing this work alone
the foolishness
of entering the wilderness of love
without a guide

13. rendered non-verbal
by the heartwork
streetward bombsplosions
rattling the skeletons inside

guest details provided by milo:

1. a sing-along we’re too embarassed
to admit to

2. baby bum
against the gunnel
of a sulphur-scented wooden canoe

3. slow descent
off the tree bridge

4. the challenge
of building your master’s house
without opposable thumbs

overcoming inertia

1. river roaring louder than fire
though technically,
it’s a tributary
and it’s more of a hush
than a roar

2. curve and shine of the clackamas
i cannot stay away
from the tealgreen clear cool of you

3. skypink
cloud colored
showing back
across water mirror

4. hands at two and ten oclock
eyes fastened to yellow line and curves
this is how it feels
to be
in control

5. tree trunk balance beam
regal manor monkey bar flashback
trusting my body
in this balancing moment
like i did when i was twelve

6. birds of paradise
at backs of knees

7. murderous screech
of red rusted water pump
how carrying our water
grounds me

8. foil-wrapped
fire fresh
sweet potatoes

9. candle lit hypotheses
about overcoming inertia

10. satellite carving
too straight path
against sky

11. careful arrangement
sleeping pads
sleeping bags
handstitched heartbeet
kingfisher campground

12. tour of empty campsites
picnic table centerpiece
of sunbleached driftwood
wildflowers in mason jar
pillar candles flickering

woodpecker confectioners convention

1. red, you look tired.
you look older than your mother.
where should i not touch?
what should i not kiss?
where does it hurt?
welcome home my only son
morning lyrics

2. zipped into sleeping bag
light shroud of sad
river washes it off

3. kneeling into
the shine and motion
of river over rocks
face comes out fresh
sleep washed off
hair dripping

4. how corinne sends her spirit running
we drive past it
shirt wet with sweat

5. recollections of
the woodpecker confectioners convention
my body knows things
that my brain doesn’t

6. travel-size scrabble
red subaru
45 points for ‘yarn’
triple wordscore
double letter on the ‘y’

7. there’s a man in arkansas
that marries people to their trucks/tractors

8. hatching plans
to stuff glittering tributaries
into corinne’s trunk
so that man
might marry corinne
and that river
open trunk
river rushing out
natural disaster
called love

9. “stupid faggot motherfucker
smooth tanned shirtless manboy
curses standstill cars
asphalt heat
rockslide clean up
empathy swelling for assumed girlfriend
high five left hanging
sometimes it’s hard to give
the benefit of a doubt