spoons in exile / the round rounding

the redbrown roiibos tea rings
at the bright white bottom of my favorite light mint green mug
sold on a porch by a local potter
it’s official
i say about the stork bite that’s still there
light pink where the hairline meets my neck

how we fill the yellow room
with our voices resounding
the round rounding in six parts
when we come into our calling
we become bells calling to everyone else
oh, come, come into your calling

how i look for the moon
when we enter the cemetary after dark
but the sky is just cloud
and the glow comes from everywhere
including the snow kirself
aloo gobi is how i say “i love you”
luica says about the meal she made
for búho alongside the squash curry
the secret front porch club i say
and the spoons in exile luica says
and it’s a cou de’tat mf’ers i say
while washing dishes at the small sink
how lisi the cat is more inclined
to eat the food from the spoon
rather than from his bowl
and how he digs the kitchen floor
as if in a litterbox
to cover it up when he is done
you can’t go on that cruise she says
about the alaska thing
if you are going to be quarantined