for as many days as we have left

yoga mat rolled out
onto cork kitchen floor
where i move my hips in their sockets like mixers
stretching this bleeding body slow
lisi the cat who never snuggled
now curled alongside me
purring at the same frequency of a diesel engine
twenty six cycles per second
into the muscle of my thigh
the light ripples in the creek bed
wavy and rolling out and out and out
under the greenclear water
while we look over the bridge into ki
the bright red fabric cover
with gold yellow text on top
of orion’s earthly love book
awaiting me in the mailbox
body temperature on the couch
under the undressed window
while my heart hinges open
to pam houston’s
for as many days as we have left

noodles and chopsticks in soupbowls
candles lit and flickering