the purples and pinks and pales

juniper and i laughing our faces off
about how i had a dream
where someone was repeating the name
with pauses in between:
carl… carl…
and then i woke
to juniper snoring
(carl… carl…)
the purples and pinks and pales and yellows
of the great wall thousand piece puzzle
that we put together on the kitchen table
during the puzzle break
which juniper says will be just a little bit
just a short time

i like how the snow gets people to talk to each other
i say after shoveling
and having an encounter with ron
who said believe me, if i could afford it,
i’d be living somewhere warm
the finches, the juncos, the chickadees,

the titmice at the feeder
animated in the onslaught of snow
you can have sips from my glass

says juniper about the merlot
before we sit down to kabocha squash curry
and quinoarice

one of your favorite things she says
about the cat paw prints in the porch snow
which, later, are also surrounded by bird footprints too