we talk in hushes

snuggling with yao yao in the morning
as she wakes into the day slowly
and how we talk in hushes
about what we’re bringing with
(her princess poster: no, too big to bring,
shirts: yes)
and how i ask her if i can lift the shade
to show her the pinkness of morning sky
that almost matches her PJs
spotty the cat sitting in the empty tent
set up in the basement
looking cute as hell and
spotty the cat and i napping together
and spotty’s old yowly growly meow and matted fur
and how i give her all the sweet love i can
knowing that upon each visit
it might be our last path-crossing
holy holy holy
i sing the simple song
that i learned from lia
that jennifer reminded me
is a good one for this kind of thing
while i move the small stiff rodent body
off the trail
and into the snowy base of shrubbery
the moon as seen
through the bare branches of the woods i walk in
partly smudged by clouds floating over
and tinted pastel by dusk
blue glowing through
ami calling out for me
onto the trail at dusk
and me ca-cawing back
the nighttime books
in the reading list rotation tonight:
if you give a mouse a cookie
clifford goes to school
and goodnight moon