save a slice of summer

in the dream, it had become morning
sun was streaming in
the brightness everywhere –
the walls, the floors, your face
and you say
i feel better this morning,
the light, the daytime makes things seem ok, face-able, do-able

john and paul (10 and 12)
find me in my secret (not so secret, but out of the way) lunch spot
in between sniffles (thank goodness)
to deliver a brownie with too much chocolate chips
on evergreen’s last work day

georgie the cat
playing with a mouse (or vole)
when we come back to the pack shed
with crates full of zukes and cukes

lisi cat (who has his own theme song)
deciding to choose my lap
instead of his pillow
to curl up on


juniper slicing big tomatoes
while  i slice little ones
so we can save a slice of summer
for a chillier later date


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