the dizzying rhythms

maybe ‘wrench’ is her nickname i say to justin
while we bag up onions
into the green plastic mesh
when talks about a fellow student
using the word wrench instead of wretch
i say this not to implicate that she is a wretch
but because wrench sounds like a cool nickname

the melon toss we employ
for harvesting the heavy fruits
and sending them across the field
without having to lug
an impossibly heavy tote

the dizzying rhythms
of the dance back and forth
between the cherry tomatoes and onions
as we assembly-line-fill
this week’s csa boxes,
la vina to my left on cukes and zukes
and amy across the way on eggplant
the waxy┬á gluey stuff on the tips of lisi’s cat ears
that i scrape/brush off
with the furminator
while he tries to lick away at it

birdie on the other end of the phone
all words and laughs and language
birdie on the other end of the phone
growing up two time zones away