blessed at least twenty times

tough lavina calls me
in the back of the truck
for all the onion totes i hauled
(at 40? pounds) today
which is a compliment
coming from a tough-as-hell amish woman
who moves through the fields and beds
in bare feet


georgie the cat
thinking it’s playtime
as we rearrange the drying onions
moving from one end to the other
of the hoop house
bent down to reach the alliums on the black fabric on the ground

we talk about throwing
the ripe cantaloupes as we harvest
(sugarcube variety)
but it is too late in the day to strategize
so we continue harvesting
the heavy sweet gems
into crates

the shine of the sun oven in the front yard
as i pull into the sculptural gravel driveway
because of all the ragweed
beginning to shed its pollen
i must have been blessed
at least twenty times today