eight thousand varieties of corn

i’m starting to distance myself from cars craig says
my driver’s license expires next year,
that might be it
he goes on to say that his car is dead
and he shares with his neighbor
and how wild it is
all the miles we put on
to transport just one person
in one car

the relief that comes,
thinking of even just one person’s movement away
from cars,
and from a time when it is not unusual
to drive 400 miles
with no one else in the vehicle
the deafeningness
of the onslaughtof rain,
walls of it,
rushing down and down and down
on greenhouse plastic
while i go about seeding
42 trays of imperial broccoli
in a tshirt
while the rest of the crew in their rain gear
gets all the pepper plants they can in the ground
before the ground gets too soft

winona laduke talks about
making america great again,
in other words, making america a place
where we once again have 8,000 varieties of corn
being grown (without pesticides, of course)
and when 50 million buffalo are alive again
on the plains, thundering through
and when we had a billion passenger pigeons
in the sky – now that,
that was great
she says

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