antagonistic sashay

juniper says, barely out of sleep
i dreamt i was swimming with whales
and i was being squished,
just a little, by them

one of the first sights of the day:
female rose-breasted grosbeak
sitting in the bowl of the wooden spoon
that is part of the homemade feeder
outside the front window –
how she just sits
and gazes and observes
in the spoon bowl
as it sways a little
in the ridgetop wind,
her gold/yellow underside
we call him fox cat because the shape of his face
due to gauntness, is fox-like
though he is an all gray cat
that has recently come wandering around
with a head of scabs instead of skin,
and rough fur
and skinny skinnyness
including  a little whip of a tail
and a sweet demeanor,
how i sit with him
and pet and be
for at least a half hour if not more
on the porch
trying to tell the other gray kitty that has adopted us
(fat with health)
that it’s ok

scoping the trees and fields through the binoculars
from the couch in front of the front window
two wild turkeys doing what looks like
an organized couples dance
but what youtube tells me
is a fight, not a mating ritual
how they go and go and go at it
working their way
in their antagonistic sashay
across the field
feels like a friday
or a saturday
i say over dinner,
precisely because of dinner
which is a frozen (gluten free) pizza
with curtido on top (sandhill style)
along with a can of soda
albeit stevia-sweetened