in the clearing

the bright gold-orange
of wild butterfly weed
sprouting up here and there
in the clearing
at the sidie hollow lookout
of the unnamed trails
there is nothing
like the exchanges – secret to the audience –
between the director and the choir
as we prepare to pull of
the nearly impossible
and also after
we pull it off
and there is also nothing
like the audience
cheering with enthusiasm
after we pull it off
oh – THIS is why we’ve been doing this
i say partway through the concert
(‘this’ being working at these songs
even when it seemed like they were never
going to come together)

i joke about how
under the guise of getting together
to learn about some badass women
(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Paula Jean Swearengin, and Amy Vilela)
in the documentary knock down the house
what we really came together to do
is talk about cats

juniper on the other side of the door
with a glass of water
and mouthwash
after i croak out¬†inaudibly i’m ok
after my body decided to expel (violently,

it’s always so violent)
all of the food in it