in the trees and in the air

the accidentally suicidal snow people
we build on the bridge railing
(how they slip off the edge
into the full fast creek of snowmelt below
as they begin to melt
against the metal),
where there was once a foot of snow,
now puddles and the slow thaw of ice
ice jams the weather app warns
about the buildup of ice
in full creeks and rivers
rushing with the melt
i’m practicing i say
about my ridiculous crow calls
that i caw out at the black birds
in the trees and in the air as we walk
the incline of green acres road
on the office floor
juniper making spirals with paper
and me swirling paintbrush in water
to paint heartshapes
that will go out in the mail
from the water world:

A North Korean man rides his bicycle on the frozen Taedong River in Nampo, North Korea – Telegraph, pictures of the day, Credit: Dita Alangkara/AP