temperature highs hike

the sound of snow drip drip drip melting
on a 40-degree day
and how we all baffle
at the hike in temperature highs
from -27 a few days ago to +40 today
ann, kevin, jennifer and i
puzzling puzzle pieces
and building custom pizzas
at the HQ build your own pizza bar
(mushrooms, cheeses, spinach, onions, red peppers, olives, pesto, red sauce, etc)
at green acres mobile estates

ann and i rocking in the camp chairs
on the living room floor and laughing
about how the back support
is so allowing

snoogle-nap impromptu
on living room floor
after harry potter and yoga impromptu
how my body
needed this sweet rest
from the water world:

Cairngorm swimmer Alice Goodridge takes her sledgehammer down to a frozen over Loch Insh, to break the ice and have a morning swim. Scotland is still gripped by freezing temperatures with areas of heavy snow and ice. – Telegraph, pictures of the day