it is medicine, this kind of quiet

it is medicine
this kind of quiet
the quietest quiet
only found
in deserty lands
at high elevations

the stillest

sam and i
smashing one juniper berry each
between nails/fingers
not long before she notices

the odd cyanotype-blue rounded thing
perched atop a boulder
we get closer to find
it is indeed a rock
painted blue
the two tiny mice
trapped in what appears to be a live trap
with so much dead stuff in it
(in other words, caught and never released)
the lid opened,
they scuttle off
the sharp and curved luminous blade
of moon
stinging bright
in blueblacksoup
of sky
i’m drunk on the stars tonight i text
wish i could show you

judy laying out her retirement plan
(necessary because her social security
won’t pay for shit)
which involves getting caught for some white collar crime
so she can spend time in the kind of jail
that martha stewart went to
they’ll give me pencils, right she says
but somehow, we come around to plan B:
judy becoming a tattoo artist (at age 70something or 60something)
and maybe even a psychic/intuitive tattoo artist
the name of the shop: judy’s tramp stamps and more
which would also make a good band name: judy and the tramp stamps
from the water world:

An oil tanker is on fire near Lamma island, Hong Kong, China. At least one person is dead and two are missing after an oil tanker caught fire near Lamma island. – voice of america, day in photos

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