awakening to the view

awakening to the view:
the thin scrim of drifty snow
in strong winds that turn everything
just a bit fuzzy
or smudged

the row of death icicles
shining and pointy
against the blue blue sky
hanging from the row of artist studios
that kind of bright sun
that dazzles everything
when it finally breaks through
the fast moving clouds before it
ducks behind them again

ground blizzard Sharon says
and discourages Austyn
from driving to town in it
saying the visibility in these things
becomes almost zero
and the blowing snow can turn the roads
icy slick,
meanwhile the weather app
sends a warning
for a thing called a snow squall
and i think about getting to know a place/region
through its meteorological phenomena
and its corresponding lingo

for lunch:
pasta salad
plus a sandwhich making spread involving
fresh bread,
slices of cheese and turkey
egg salad
tuna salad
lettuce grown in the greenhouse
plus some oniony soup possibly with beef
for dinner:
glazed carrots
some kind of stuffed potato w bacon
beautifully arranged salad

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