THERE ARE MOUNTAINS HERE!!!! i exclaim to myself
peeking through the window blinds
at the pinky bluey sky morning light
in the mansion outside laramie that dates back to the 150
and when yana shows me the turret room

oh, how that mountain light
bursts through all the windows

the familiarness
of the pokey scrubby things

growing gold about us
under the snow

as yana shows me
around the grounds
familiar like black mesa
familiar like no more deaths
familiar like new mexico

invited to the gingerbread house smashing
tradition of matt’s family
i use the side of my fist
to crush
the rectangular graham cracker structure
to bits
how i cheer to myself
upon discovering
the dehumidifier on the shelf
of my room at high dry altitude

the milkspill of stars
across the sky

and how they align with my body
as if they are bursting
right out of my chest
and up into the blueblack cloak of sky