we arrive at high tide

we arrive at high tide

waves crashing big right on the beach

sun sneaking behind clouds

most people playing along the shore or

beach lounging

and we do our own kind of shore-play:

hunting/collecting plastic bits and pieces

and dropping them into a bag that we will empty into the trash

this is what we gathered in 45 minutes

(see green flip flop or small plastic bottle caps for scale)

the velcroy-est sand attaching itself

to skin

and man of wars washing up

and the clear clear water

and at some point jenafr mentions at least one woman in the group next to our blankets is praying

(on her knees, head to sand)

so am i i say

about the practice of gathering the plastic

i salute morning sun

the patio brick

gripping my hands and feet in the sideyard

as i salute

morning sun

in a tank top

and leggings

the sound of palm leaves moving against each other

in the breeze

the relief/the novelty

of windows open

sun pouring in

outside air on skin

(a 60 degree jump from the snowy temperatures from whence we came)


jack folding up the huge pizza slice as he takes big chomps

in between details about orcs, and total player knockouts, guilds and elementals

and in between lifting up his cap to re-situate his swoop of hair back underneath it


live music

(a vocalist with a mic and perhaps someone at a keyboard and maybe someone on something else)

drifting from the gazebo at the plaza by the historic museum of lake worth

where the ginormous banyan trees burst through sidewalks

as jack, jnfr and i

walk through

with a stop at the little free library

outside the big actual size library


the cuke of earl drink

that jnfr points out on the menu

that features all of my favorite drink things:

cucumber, mint, lemon and coconut water

that i’m on the fence about ordering because i’m not sure how good they’ll all taste together

but i go for it

and they are delicious


on the patio with the subdued lighting and the live musician who covers the cranberries amongst others,

we joke about the worry gene

turning it into putting on a pair of worry jeans and how cedro

would rather wear those than be any kind of wart

and deja tells us

that jupiter is a great place

to get on a paddle board

to frolic around with the manatees