‘splosions and light shimmers

yao yao taking me by the hand
making the shush sounds and gesture
with her finger to her lips
and motioning for me
to crouch down with her
until erupting in sound
when someone discovers us
back there
madix puzzling together
his new lego kit and me
with a book next to him both of us
in our happy places
the beaker game
ami and andy and i play
awaiting guests
pouring the red/purple/green jawbreaker-looking balls
from beaker to beaker until we get
the right formation

almost midnight
seen through amber’s back door window
something rodenty
sometimes still, sometimes scavenging
a new year’s messenger

juniper and i
step outside at midnight
to listen to the sound
of a year becoming new:
light shimmers
and the first fart joke
of the year