our haul

the waves
swelling and crashing
hard to believe it’s the atlantic
juniper and i take our time getting in and when we do
we don’t go far
but instead stay shore-close
where we hunt and collect the trash and plastic pieces
that roll in
(which is where we discover
that when the seaweed washes in
it is a good thing [for a plastic-hunter]
because it carries so much garbage with it)
and after an hour and a half or so of this
this is our haul for the day:

(note plastic chair arm and footwear sole for scale)
minus the jagged-edged bottom half
of a five gallon bucket
that got away
(the one that got away we keep joking
about the not-so-funny reality)
drinking doesn’t make you racist jack says
at the patio dinner table
eating beans and chips and talking about a birthday party
where friends showed exposed their racist sides
via terrible jokes that went on and on
i mean, i get shitfaced – but it doesn’t make me all of a sudden start saying racist things