all the lilty language

the wind through the needles
in the trees of the pinelands of the everglades
reaching up to light
to sky
five feet or so
(plus a short short brick wall)
is the distance
between the two sunning alligators
and ourselves
as we embark
on the first interpretive trail walk
of the day


the purple gallinule (bird) walking/hopping
from pad to pad
how the light
brings out its shimmery green/blue/purple
how its feet
are built big
for this leapfrogging
how, in an expanse of water and lilypads and other birds
it is this bird
that i can’t stop watching
all the spanish spoken
in little havana
among neon lights of taco shops and
store fronts
all the lilty language drifting around bars and tables
up and down the sidewalks of the main street
the terror in me
in the backseat
traveling at fast speeds around other cars
traveling at fast speeds and making not-so-careful maneuvers
hurtling north on i-95