hatchee meaning river and loka meaning turtle

the small and not so small alligators

we see from the pontoon boat

that makes its wake while it makes its way

around the curvy bendys of the loxahatchee (lokahatchee) river

(hatchee meaning river and loka meaning turtle in seminole)

where the mangroves change to cypresses as we move closer to freshwater

not to mention the great blue (grayblue) herons, white ibis, night herons, little blue herons and osprey

often found hidden in under the cover of trees draped with spanish moss which is neither spanish nor moss

plus turtle after turtle and jumping fish who leave great splashes and even a tree called a pond apple which grows in/along the water


the park specialist who picks us up

in a ranger vehicle

because i put my thumb out because we got a lyft to the state park and because the road into the main part of the park is five miles long, and we were walking in the heat and sun of day and we made it that far but a little ride to the river area would be nice

and then the ride we get back to the entrance from the man tossing his mountain bike into his jeep by the mountain bike trail head which was a flurry activity at that time of day (sun turning everything golden and the clouds pink blueberry cream as it set)


all the pine trees we walked along

along the way

and the beach that was too slimy to swim at and the working showers

with which to rinse the slime off that we used to substitute as the slimy swim itself


the blister/blood blister the size of the top half of my thumb

on the bottom of juniper’s feet

from the day’s seven miles and thin sandals

plus the approximate six we walked yesterday

that i massage carefully around