about the sparkleglitter

per jane’s suggestion
i grab the three pound weights
and per ann’s suggestion
i lay my mat on the old old old tile gym floor
and eventually, jane begins leading us
through some floor-based stretches
the birds i’ve been calling (come back, birds! come on!)
finally returning
in the warmed-up weather
to their seed source outside the front window:
the huge sunflower
a dead stalk by now
with the new bird feeder i made with apple
and hung on it
the closest i’ll ever be
to nursing a baby
i say about the orange kitten

zipped into my hoodie and suckling
with contentment on his stuffed animal giraffe

the amish-made (or maybe mennonite)
butterfinger-like candy
on the dining room table at lisa’s
which we clear at the end of the evening
after several rounds of line-picture-line
(featuring foxes for sale at walmart,
a hot-flash renewable energy harnessing machine,
shitshows and dumpster fires,
combat barbie and rainbow rollerskatin’ ken
to say the least)
to play a few rounds of bananagrams
i got that for you juniper says
about the sparkleglitter on the skylight
from the moisture doing whatever it’s doing
to the full moon light coming through