in the crispy crispness

modifying business reply envelopes
into seed packets
with scissors and tape
while i sort through the saved flower seed
bachelor buttons
forget me nots)
and store it in aformentioned envelopes
the dusk sky pinking
and blueing and purpling
against the gold and white of snow
in the corn stubble fields
that roll up and down out
to the horizon
while apple and i walk
in the crispy crispness
to the snow-coated garden
and back
the quiche with sundried tomatoes and garden kale and mushrooms,
the apple cobbler,
the pumpkin pie
made by the one who couldn’t eat the pie
at the auction
a dinner
in pie
with special guests
who bring the salad dotted
with cranberries
ann and kevin and juniper and apple and i laughing
our guts out at the line picture lines
with boats
and baby pumpkinheads
and aliens eating strawberry ice cream