the eagles we watch

the three eagles we watch
while walking along the highway shoulder
landing in the bare tree in the back yard
of a house along J
and taking off too
the cat prints in the golf course snow
where we follow the path
and the paw prints weave on and off of it
names we give the sunset color/s:
grandma’s face powder
and strawberry dacquiri
things i yell at the oncoming cars
as we enter into our 10th, 11th and 12th  miles
of our thirteen mile walk
(split into two halves)
some of which is along the shoulder
of weirdly trafficked (for here) highways
their headlights glaring
and my reflective gear reflecting
while our blinky lights blink
when i’ve had enough
of navigating traffic
(having to dip down into the ditch
because the shoulder is not wide enough):
i hate you, cars!!!!

stop being a car! be a turtle!
go home! or if you are on your way home,
go to some other home where this road isn’t on your way!
leave us alone, go somewhere else, you poopstain!!!!!
a half marathon
juniper says
about the distance we walked today