a lift that assists

the buzz of this low grade tension
something sub-surface for now
as the caravan of people migrating
form south to north
moves closer and closer
to the mexico/u.s. border where,
on the other side of the barrier
live more and more people less and less afraid
of blatantly and violently displaying and acting upon
their hateful racist white supremacist views and

i think of the worst yet hope and hope and hope for the best
the white puff of a down blanket feather
we take turns blowing up into the air
and letting it come back down again and again
this is how morning starts
followed by the cool whhhhip clip
followed by a viewing of ellen’s
coming out episode
all in all, a pretty good way
to start the day

the bright light
the glint and glow and slow warmth
the sun, first appearance in days,
topping off my critical levels
of energy and exuberance
despite the degrees in the teens
i still want to be out
moving around in it
the display of at least a dozen deer heads
at the hardware store
between the paint section and the automotive section
each one accompanied by a tag i don’t read,
but i gather they were hunted locally
and are on display like kindergarten art would be on display
in an elementary school hallway
beep beep beep backup sounds
of the construction vehicle with a lift
that assists the three workers
in adorning the main street lampposts
in holiday decoration gear
like light up snow flakes and garland