about the quietness

i never thought about that apple says
about the quietness of woodstove heat
(as compared to a furnace
blasting off every other 15 minutes)
the redmaroongold blanket flower
blooming in the plastic ‘terra cotta’ pot
that sits on the desk or in the windowsill
something summer flowering
in early november
Anthropocene lifestyle of a Pleistocene being
j says when i ask for a specific call/assignment
for an essay i’m eekingoutĀ 
we sing the song (blessed change) annie wrote
(i believed in solid ground
until i saw the earth in motion
in the winds of steady change
in the ever rolling ocean)
on the west coast in a time
of shifting and this song
is the reason, i realize, i am here tonight
because of the way it sends itself
through my body
driving slow through the dark night
(between 30 and 40)
on the side highways
because this is the speed that feels the most sane
to move a motorized vehicle through the thick cloak of dark at