i slow down

rain so rainy and cold so cold
the skittish cat we call little is spotted
curled up in the box on the porch
until we let her in
for an afternoon snack
we pass the horchata back and forth
while the tunes from the kitchen
leak out every time a server in a pink polo
walks in or out
jenafr tells me about the self-declared misogynist
shooting women in a hot yoga studio
and mentions incel
which sounds vaguely familiar
but i must have wiped it from my mind
because i have to ask what it means
involuntary celibate she says
and characterizes the people who identify this way
or who ‘belong’ to incel as
men who are forced to be involuntarily celibate
(as they say)

because women won’t have sex with them –
angry men, entitled men, bitter men
men who believe women owe them

i let out my scorpio i say
about speaking the fire inside
over the seven teachers in idaho who dressed up as the wall
with ‘make america great again’ written across it
and the seven other teachers who dressed up as
and how the school district included it
in photos on their site’s home page
the possum i slow down for
in the middle of the road
that the glare of the headlights tells me
is already dead