raincoats on

raincoats on we
lean over bridge edge to watch the pattern
of water
into water
the gray deer with white tail
crossing in front of us on the gravel road
must be a buck i say because of its dark color
or a wolf juniper responds
birdie cooing
on the other end of the phone
while shiz and i laugh
about something we both think
is hilarious which is a thing
we are good at doing:
making things hilarious
the neon yellow eyes
that juniper draws on the purple cat
for the november calendar page made
just to track things like
faint rainbows
or the first V of geese migrating overhead
the clean dropper juniper brings me
so i can tend to ni’ ni’
the impossibly snotty
sinus-infected kitty who has been sick for months
and the reason i’m crying when jennifer asks
what it is about the cats
that makes me cry
suffering i say to know that anyone (animal/human/place)
is suffering
is too much

poop poop soup she calls it and pouts/fake pouts
over the big pot of soup made unknowingly
with bitterly bitter delicata squash
which makes it tastes like way too much of good medicine
or way way too much of bad medicine
how much i love a chestnut:
the warmth, the layers of flavors
how i can’t stop eating them
after a meal that was already
too much